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TC1: Invoice of Tobacco shipped by Goodhue & Co. on board the Italian Bark Giulia bound for Malta by order of Baring Brothers & Co. for account and risk of whom it may concern and consigned to order-100 Hogsheads of Kentucky Leaf Tobacco. Then it shows the charges for this cargo leaving New York April 8 1861. The last page shows written in Italian-all items listed in English on previous pages. The handwriting is beautiful on this document. Nice dark ink. Nice condition--$47
TC1a: Folded letter to Gardner K Reed & Co. Boston with red RICHMOND Va SEP 22 CDS and matching 10 in circle handstamp. 1847 illustrated Bill of Lading for 55 packages of manufactured tobacco(Avery Leaf) shipped on the Schooner Lowell from Richmond to Boston. Nice well taken care of item.--$45
TC2: A. M. Lyon & Co.-Manufacturers of Plug, Twist & Smoking Tobacco-Richmond, Va. July 27 1875, check made out for $96.00. Endorsed on the back with a purple stamping of Planters National Bank Richmond, Va. Size 3 1/2" x 8". great condition--$12
TC4: Billhead-Albany N. Y.-Julius Fish-Fish's Genuine Havana Stumps. Favorite Brands of Domestic Segars. Dated Feb. 5 1883, document shows Havana Stumps sold. Nice Indian picture --$12.00

TC5: Billhead-Oneonta N. Y.-C. A. Smith & Co. manufacturers of fine cigars, even shows some Gold Nuggets(cigars), and hope they will suite! The picture is stunning. Little nude fellows carrying a large Cigar with the last one puffing on it. Also one perched on a pipe. Dated Feb. 2 1885.--$15

TC6: Sir Walter Ralegh(that is the way it is spelled on the medal) 1552-1618 A very nice Silver Medal in it's original Black case shows his bust in very high relief with his famous feather hat looking to the left. The reverse shows in a beautiful wreath engraved -Tobacco W. D. C. 1928 J. F. Belford- 46mm of nice quality silver Round that weighs 47 Grams(an ounce is a little over 31Grams). The tone is just well a person needs to see this- Golds- Reds -Greens -Yellows -it has never been dipped or cleaned. I purchased this Tobacco award from a British Gent in Britain, I am sure it was made in Britain.--UNC--$130

TC9 Dolores-vintage six piece set of sample labels. Shows a portrait of a beautiful Spanish lady. The inner measures 10"X6", the outer is 4"X4". The set includes inner, outer, tag, flap, edging, and band. From Germany's Hermann Schott. Not mint but very nice--$60
TC11: Nov. 9, 1880- Very nice Appropriation form from the Harbor Board of Baltimore to pay for a box of Golden Eagles cigars that cost $11.00. I opened up the form(some separation on the fold) to show the receipt of the order and payment to R. Courtney & Bro.. As the receipt is lifted up it shows Oct. 30 One box Cigars Golden Eagles=$11.00. This kind of document is the first I have ever handled, never seen another as this one. RARE?--$39

TC12:Vintage PENGUIN CIGARETTE LIGHTER with ORIGINAL BOX. The wick looks like it was never used. Souvenir of Jamaica with a colorful embossed scene on each side, very nice condition. very bottom of Lighter reads -PENGUIN HIGH QUALITY "SUPERIATIVE " AUTOMATIC LIGHTER NO18249-This would be a great item for use or display!--$26

TC13: High Sea cigar label. Early nautical 1900s not embossed.Very Very nice!--$12

TC14:OLD WELL vintage cigar box- unused 9" X 5 1/2" X 2 1/2". By H.E.SHAW CO. BOSTON. The box is a transition construction from the 1950's and has wood sides and ends, top and bottom are cardboard. The box is like new, never had a cigar it it! This item was unused left over stock. What a find! has embossed labels both inside and out. Box is from FACTORY No.3, 2nd DISTRICT, STATE of NEW YORK.--$35

TC15:Japan WWII military cigarettes. This was purchased from a lady that told me this: "Actually one of our friends gave these to me to sell for him. His father-in-law served in Australia during the war and brought them back with him. At least that is what they think. They were found going through his property after he died and happened to find these". This is a very nice pack of 10 cigarettes with them still being packed in their original packing inside the box. The other side of the box has Japanese writing. This package is for collectable purposes only. Not for consumption
1. The value of this item is in the collectable packaging not in the tobacco itself.
2. This is an unopened pack of cigarettes and the tobacco within is not for consumption.
3. This collectable packaging is not available at any retail outlet and the collectable packaging is worth much more than the tobacco within the package.
4. The buyer must be 18 years old and and you WILL HAVE TO PROVE IT!
Very collectible item scanned below.--$35

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