Silver Medals of México
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All medals have Grove numbers to left of date showing listing in volumes 1 through 3. Mintages are shown when listed in book; many are very rare and scarce listed here. These are very worthy collectibles.

Grove Vol. 1
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Grove Vol. 2
475A: 1931 39mm Obv. Congreso Mundial de la Prenza. Rev. coat of arms. 900 struck. UNC
479A: 1933 37mm Barberan and Collar Obv. Espana to Mexico 1933. Rev. globe in vintage plane showing ill-fated air route. Both Spanish aviators disappeared and never arrived in Mexico. 3,146 struck. Item scanned below- very nice AU

E19A: 1946 45mm Exposicion de Nacional Industrial. Obv. symbols of industry. Rev. national eagle. minor edge bumps. 150 struck, rare.
560A: 1948 40mm 8th Annual Asamblea de Automovil Clubs. Obv. Federation Interamericana Automovil Clubs. Rev. within a wreath and on a map of North and South America. 1,000 struck. beauty, matte finish. UNC
570AV: 1950 40mm Congreso de Ferrocarriles. Obv. old train, pyramid, and mountain peak. Rev. eagle on a globe, flags of member Pan Am Union. very nice. BU
587A: 1951 40mm Convencion Minerales. Obv. seal and map of Mexico. Rev. bust and shoulders of a miner in hard hat with spotlight. 1,519 struck. BU
B28A: 1952 38mm Obv. Banco de Comercio, S.A. XX Anniversary. Rev. head of Mercury. 350 struck, rare. BU
638A: 1954 50mm Septimos Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos Y del Caribe, Participante. Obv. Stadium. Rev. Pre Hispanic Figure to the Left(Indian). Mint issue. There were 5 issues in the silver strikes during these 7th Central American and Caribbean games. Total mintage for all 5 were only 2,900. I figure this is one of only several hundred struck with this design. I weighed it on my pan scales. It is a full 2 1/2 oz. of silver. Large and heavy. Also throw in very nice looking too!. Scarce item. High grade Extra Fine+
641A: 1954 38mm 25th anniversary School of Banking. Obv. school building. Rev. figure with open book. 300 struck, rare. XF
672A: 1956 40mm IV Century de Chalchihuitus. Obv. armored bust of soldier. Rev. coat of arms within order of golden fleece. 1,000 struck. BU
B29A: 1957 38mm Obv. Banco de Comercio, S.A. XXV anniversary. Rev. running figure of Mercury. 1,358 struck. BU
753A: 1960 37mm 150 Anniversario de la Independencia. Obv. Independence Monument in Mexico City. Rev. Revolution Monument in Mexico City, Nice UNC
P378A: 1911(Struck 1961, 62 and 63) Emiliano Zapata. Obv. Zapata on Horse, with a farmer standing to one side. Tierra Y Libertad. Rev. The sun and the Mexican flag. Plan De Ayala- Reforma, Libertad-Justicia Y Ley- Nov. 25 De 1911. Mexico City mint mark on Obv. to the left. Nice BU with gold tones
P382A: 1960 37mm Emiliano Zapata-Obv. bust of Zapata(struck in 1960)-Rev. Radiant sun, plow, tractor and below broken chains. BU with tones
800A: 1962 36mm I Centenario de la Batalla del 5 de Mayo. Obv. Equestrian statue of General Ignacio Zaragoza. Heroica Batalla Del 5 De Mayo De 1862-Puebla Centenario. Rev. National Eagle. Mexico City mint mark on obverse. BU
808A: 1962 39mm X anniversary Sociedad Numismatica de Mexico. Obv. replica of first 4 Real coin minted in Mexico. Rev Aztec calendar stone. nice BU.
822A: 1963 38mm IV Centenario de la Ciudad de Durango. Obv. coat of arms, 1563-1963. Rev. three figures: Indian, priest, and soldier holding flag. 3,015 struck. a gorgeous medal. BU
824A: 1963 42mm Recuperacion del Chamizal. Obv. three busts, below clasped hands. Over top of the busts are the words 1866 INICATION-CULMINACION 1963 EL CHAMIZAL. Rev. balance scales and the flags of the United States and Mexico-Equidad Justica Amistad 29 De Agosto. Slippery Shining looking Blazer BU with several tone spots-Nice
832A: 1963 38mm XI Congreso de Ferrocarriles. Obv. cross-section of rail. Rev. diesel locomotive. nice. 700 struck, very scarce. UNC/BU
P346a: 1964 40mm Antonio Rosales. Obv. Bust of General Rosales looking forward at you, eye to eye contact. Centenario De La Victoria Del General Antonio Rosales Sinaloa-1864-1964. Reverse a coat of arms of the state of Sinaloa. Struck by Baron. Beautiful Brilliant Uncirculated
852A: 1964 38mm 150th Anniversario de la Constitucion de Apatzingnan. Obv. bust of Morelos and scroll. Rev. eagle flying and a lion. a beauty. 5,000 struck. color toned BU
886AP: 1964 50mm Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico. big high relief. Obv. of Lic. Verdad. Rev. bust of Cuauhtemoc. very handsome medal UNC
B65A: 1964 33x70mm 64.61 Grams-Banco de Londres y Mexico, S.A. Primer Centenario. Obv. Monogram of the Bank. Reverse, a reproduction of the 100 Peso bank note issued in Mexico and whose continued circulation was introduced for the first time by the Banco de Londres y Mexico S. A. Great looking item!
B80A: 1965 38.5mm Obv. Banco de Mexico, S.A. 40th Anniversario 1925-1965. Rev. coat of arms. UNC
953A: 1967 38mm 50 Aniversario de la Constitucion. Obv. head of Carranza. Reverse portion of the interior of the Chamber of Deputies. Obverse looks Prooflike. Reverse is bold. Very nice BU
959A: 1967 37.8mm La Marina Nacional. Obv. merchant ship. Rev. war ship. 3,000 struck. slight toned UNC
1024A: 1968 45mm Juegos de la 19th Olimpiada. Obv. discus thrower above Aztec calendar stone. Rev. Aztec runner with torch. AU
1043A: 1968 39MM 50 Aniversario de Puerto Vallarta. Obv. Outline map of Banderas Bay showing location of Puerto Vallarta. Inscription is seven lines. CINCUENTENARIO DEL MUNICIPO DE PUERTO VALLARTA, JAL. Y ELEVACION A CIUDAD EN ESTA FECHA MAYO 31 DE 1968 NUM 0718(Each medal individually numbered?) The one listed in Grove is numbered 0026. So I think each one has its own number. Rev. shows the bearded bust of Ignacio L. Vallarta. Nice UNC
1067A: 1969 38mm 450th anniversary of Vera Cruz. Obv. Building within a wreath. Rev. coat of arms 1519-1969. 1,500 struck. very nice BU.
1071A: 1969 45mm 450th anniversary of Vera Cruz. Obv. coat of arms. Rev. sailing ships of Cortez. no mint reports on this specimen. BU
1086?: 1970 9th Campeonato de Futbol. Obv. world soccer team names around diameter of soccer ball. Rev. seated Aztec. not pictured or listed in Grove, would be listed in this number range. a beauty, very nice, needs to be seen. PL/BU
1092A: 1970 38mm 50 Aniversario del Colegio Militar-Obverse a building and bust of Carranza to the front. Reverse six busts of the Ninos Heroes who died at Chapultepec in 1847. Mexico City mint mark is on the Obverse, below the Building. Mostly mint luster with tone XF
1102A: 1971 38mm Primera Acunacion. Obv/Rev. Mexican 4 Real coin. 2,500 struck. nice BU.
1109A: 1971 38mm 150th anniversary of Independencia. Obv. entry of army into Mexico City. Rev. coat of arms of Guadalajara. 2,000 struck. frosty PL/BU.
1113A: 1971 38mm Escuela Naval Miltitar. Obv. crossed anchors, national eagle, and coat of arms of Veracruz. Rev. two hero’s busts: Teniente Jose Azueta and Cadete Virgilio Uribe lost their lives in April 21, 1914 in bombardment of Veracruz by U.S. warships. nice BU

Grove Vol. 3
D495A: 1954 40mm State of Jalisco (award). distinguished authors. Obv. bust of Jose Maria Vigil. Rev. wreth of oak and laurel. looped as issued. 32.1g. 100 struck, very rare. BU
SCOLASTIC: Grove Vol. 2
S293A Edo, de Oaxaca, Premio Literario. Obverse, within a Wreath of 4 lines PREMIO LITERARIO 1873. OAXACA. Reverse within a wreath, in 5 lines LaA DIRECCION GENERAL DE ESTUDIOS. The Suspension device is an eagle facing to the right. 28mm

The following medals are not listed in Frank Grove’s book of Mexican medals because the volumes end at the year 1971. Many of the later medals could be common or very rare. There is not much publication of mint reports to be found. The numbers preceding the medal description are my assigned numbers.
Z1: 1972 40mm weight 32.6 grams-Primer Centenario De Su Fallecimiento Ano De Juarez-Julio 18 de 1872. Obverse shows him in a chair, reverse shows a wall plaque. Minted Mexico City mint.
Z2: 1972 38mm weight 25 grams- Escuela Naval Militar 38mm -One side shows the fenced building with the words Escuela Naval Militar just below the slope of the roof. Very nice tree stands off to the right in front of the building. Below the building is the Mo mintmark for Mexico City. Flip side shows -75 Anniversario then below center in a wreath is an anchor with a starburst in the center of the shaft. The year 1897 in raised numbers. Above the anchor in a ribbon says-Asociacion Heroica Escuela Naval Militar. Ribbon below the anchor says -Tradicion Patria Fraternidad. Below the ribbon says 1 De Julio de 1972 AU/UNC
Z3: 1976 38mm weight 25+ grams-Heroic Militar College. Obv. shows the old 1823 structure, the rev. shows the modern building.Heroico Colegio Militar Por El Honor De Mexico. Good looking medal AU
Z4: 1976 38mm weight 25+ grams-Obverse: A horse to the right. EXPOSICION NACIONAL DEL CABALLO. PACHUCA HGO. Reverse: The head of an old Indian Graphic. FERIA INTERNACIONAL HIDALGO 76-BU
Z5: 1976 40mm weight 35 grams-Matador and Bull in an action scene(Bullfight), other side shows the word DOMECQ above the image with a Lion enjoying the view on top. In the doorway says -Al Merito Leon 400 Amistad Pazy Trabajo 1576-1976 IV Centenario. The medal has a brushed look. It was struck this way. Light wear on the very high points. Scanned below, super looking anyway! AU

Z6: 1977 40mm weight 29+ grams-Obverse: The Coat of Arms of the City. SAN LUIS DE LA PAZ 1552-1977. Reverse: Bust of Luis de Velazco. FUNDACION 425 ANIVERSARIO. LUIS DE VELAZCO. The medal is struck in super high relief. Nice Uncirculated, I think scarce too!
Z7: 1979 43mm 37 grams CitiBank Mexico 50 year anniversary, Obv. large 50 with 1929-1979 on each side of the bank building over the "0" of the number 50. Mexico City mint(Mo) Great looking item
Z8: 1981 40mm 30 grams pure silver- Cancun- Dialogo Norte-Sur-Quintanna Roo, Mexico. Obverse shows three early Indian speaking symbols. The spoken words are shown as reading in a comic book. Nice item BU
Z9: 1987 Centenario Penoles 1887-1987 Durango. size mm: 33 x 44 oval-weight 1 oz. .999 pure. Obverse shows the entrance of an old building... the old mine? BU
Z10: 1989 Durango Mexico Penoles Mining Company. Size mm: 33x44 oval -Weight 1 Oz. Obverse: The logo UNA ONZA TROY PLATA PURA .9999. Reverse: A chemical plant, QUIMICA DEL REY 1964 XXV ANIVERSARIO 1989. This medal is a beauty! BU
Z11: 1991 Durango Mexico Penoles Mining Compay-33x44 oval weight 1 Oz.Obverse: The logo UNA ONZA TROY PLATA PURA .9999 1991, The pre-hispanic hierogliphic for silver. Reverse: A worker and a large machine, REFRACTARIOS. Super looking oval medal! BU
Z12: Undated- Gobierno del Estado-Cuna de la Charreria. Hidalgo State Charros. 40mm -30.1 Grams. This is a beauty. Popular item about the Mexican cowboy, riding and rodeo skills. Item scanned below.

Z13: 1991(Roman Numerals) 60mm Obverse Theme: ECLIPSE TOTAL DE SOL- Reverse JULIO 11 1991. Weight 100.43 grams, well over 3 ounces of silver! Great looking silver medal, scarce too.

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