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*vig. indicates vignette, picture, or scene.

Antique Stock and Bond Certificates
SB1: Irving Trust Co. New York 1933. Vig Hope beside state shield with chest of coins/ steamboats and train in the background. One share, green,
SB2: 3 piece trio: Maryland 1923 Mortgage Finance Co. 20 shares, brown and gray. Vig of Olympic torch with rays in clouds. Green one dollar
revenue stamp with stub, brown seal, cut out cancels over signatures. (2) Delaware 1944 I. Magnin and Co. Blue on white and vig is I. Magnin coat
of arms. 100 shares, nice. (3) Georgia 1972 ATLA National Investments Corp. orange certificate with vig of spread eagle. Clean, 1000 shares.
Void under 2 cancel stamps over signatures with white stub stapled to left side. Take all 3--$8.50

SB5: Belgium 1944 Society Des Mines D’or De Kilo-Moto. Belgian Congo Africa in French. Red and black bond with 2 coupons. Large beautiful
vig of native hut by river in jungle with Negro in a boat with another on shore pushing loaded ore wagon on a rail. Reminds me of a movie poster of
the 1930s. Uncancelled.--$15
SB6: Brazil 1949 Minas De Ouro Saude S.A. Saude Gold Mine Inc. Vig of a lady wearing a robe with her arm placed on top of a globe/ sack of gold
coins at her feet. Nice blue and white, issued, uncanceled.--$22
SB6a: Mexico 186- Columpio Silver Mining Company. Black on White. Vig Shows a nice view of mountains and a scattering of trees shows above the title of the stock 2255 shares -$500 each. Just above where it says -This is to Certify a nice written San Francisco placed above it. On a horizontal bar on left side of certificate an arched placed wording- Cosala Dis. Sinaloa Mex. Bottom center of stock says Incorperated Jan. 6 1864
This is probably a Mexican American Mining Company. Mine was probably located in Sinaloa Mexico. Certificate is in very fine condition with just a little light staining on the back side-not bad. This is a very old stock certificate after this one goes where would another be found? Very good looking paper.--$43
SB7: Colorado 1915 United States Gold Corp. Gold and Black. Lady sitting with robe of stars draped over her, spread winged bird over her
shoulder, liberty head at bottom with star on her cap. Gold seal at bottom left, green reverse has Indian maid leaning on Colorado state shield with 4
red revenue stamps, stub pasted on left side--$25
SB8: Colorado 1870s Crescent Silver Co. of Cincinnati. Mine located in Clearcreek, CO. Brown on white with small circle of all-seeing eye with
hammer and pick below and banner. Unissued with stub. Has an X slice in middle but everything there.--$11
SB8a1: Idaho 190- Roanoke Mining Co. LTD Wallace, large corner Vig. of seated Liberty holding wreath &shield, attractive orange & black, Unissued-shares $1 each -mint-$8
SB8a2: Montana 190- Three Rivers Developement Co. Maid with globe - book & magnifying glass,orange & black-fairly scarce- Unissued #169-- $8.50
SB8a: New Jersey 1920s International Nickel. vig. of allegorical lady reclining next to sleeping lion. have 3 different colors: brown, green, and red.
attractive--$12.50 each
SB9: Maine 188- Commonwealth Copper And Silver Mining Co. Blue Hill. Black on White Vig of three miners underground one raising his pick ax over his head pounding side of mine. Another miner is pushing ore car along rail tracks with a burning lighted torch mounted on his forehead. The last miner is digging in pile of rubble. Extremely attractive and scarce. Extra Fine condition with low red number of 87. Still has the stub to the left of the certificate where it was taken from the book--$26
SB9a: Maine 188- The Egypt Silver Mining Company of Franklin Black on White with vig of 4 miners digging in a cliff area looks to be just starting the mine. One miner is heaving back his pick ax ready to strike the ledge area they are in, another miner is digging away the rubble while one miner is standing looking on while the forth miner is can you believe setting on a large rock leaning on his shovel watching the whole process. In the background is an old farmhouse with nice looking very large hills behind it. The certificate is nice Extra fine with low red number of 220. Another attractive and scarce paper also has the stubb still attached on the left right out of the book--$27
SB9b: Maine 188- The Harvey Elliott Mining Company- Mines in Hancock Co. Offices in New York Black on White vig shows 2 miners digging away inside of mine with a wheelbarrow loaded with ore between them. Off in distance shows 2 people standing in the entrance with the outside light beaming around their figures At bottom center of certificate is another very small vig of old sailor and soldier. Very nice Extra fine with red 186 number on paper also has the stubb on the left still attached right out of the book-sharp--$26
SB9c: Maine 1927 Magma Copper Co. Brown and Black with large vig of working mine amongst very tall hills. Handsome--$11
SB9d: Montana Territory 1890s Flint Creek Mining Co. Vig of spread eagle on shield/ silver dollars in upper corners/ miners working in mines in
lower corners. Black and white laced with green rays. Unissued with stub. Extremely attractive--$32
Nautical: This area has been a hobby of mine, I try to locate most anything that pertains to Ships & Shipping on Stocks and Bonds but you know...finding them is really a task. Then being able to purchase them in reason. Not many stocks around with nice ship Vignettes.
Note-Also listed under 19th Century Shipping Papers I have a beautiful unissued Weems Steamboat Company 1890s Vintage #DD44
SB9e: Delta Canal Company- Unissued stock certificate (red number 88). Shares issued at $100 each. Incorporated under the Laws of the State of Florida. Certificate was printed in 189- $47
SB10: East Boston Dry Dock Company-Oct. 26 1853-An old original certificate, 6 1/2" x 9". Printed by Wilson Engr. Print 23 Court St. Boston. Great piece of 19th Century shipping related ephemera. Illustration upper center portion of certificate. Never issued being a mistake was made when filling the certificate out, as you see. There is an old ink stain hole in the lower third right margin area. The document would be great to frame -from the old Sailing ship days!--$109

SB10a: Office Lavaca Navigation Company-Lavaca Texas-185-. 12" x 5" Unissued old certificate, scarce I do not see much on Texas back in this(1850s) time. Shows old steam vessel in the picture and also a resting dog by a safe with his paw over a key. It shows age. Clean except for the old brown stains you see on it. It is all there, the item was larger than my scanner would cover so a small part of the stub area is not shown. Scanned below.--$79

SB10b: The Long Dock Company-State of New Jersey-6" x 11" unissued 186- shows a sailor out on a dock with barrels and ships behind him for the center area picture on this stock certificate. On the left side has a beauty of an old picture. An old dock with a train billowing smoke up at the dock's edge. Barrels in front. Other side of the train shows a sailing ship along side the dock. Off in the distance is a very busy harbor-Clean and crisp--$45
SB10c: Metropolitan Steam Ship Company UNISSUED $100.00 Stock Certificate 18-. No.804 -A sharp looking vignette showing a sidewheel steamship in harbor. Right lower egde tear but still in place. Also has the stubb attached but was torn out of the issue book. Nice looking certificate!--$38
SB10d: The Powelton Barge Company(State of New Jersey)-unissued 189- 50 shares ea. Dark Green on Cream white-two Ladies with horsehead between them, trains, steamers, nice document but missing the very tip corner bottom right. The stub is still on the left side as taken from the book of certificates.--$28
SB10e: West Jersey Ferry Company(State of New Jersey)-unissued 188x . Black & Brown on white 8"x111/2" with 3 cancel "L" marks over Treasurer & President signature areas, it also shows 2 Stamps that say Specimen. Vig of 2 nice looking Ladies in old Greek looking attire. Nice Horse head bust between their heads. Behind them shows a train running over a bridge, right side. Left side shows a Steamship in harbor- Note says Incorporated January 21st 1849,not bad looking at all---$43
SB10g: Boston Marine Insurance Company-Unissued# 1868,dated 18--- 7" x 10 1/4" 100 shares- picture of a nice coastline with sailboats and an old steamer passing in view. Its a beauty!--$27
SB11: Colorado 1930s Great Divide Oil Co. Oil field gushers, train, and buildings plus more gushers, left and right (sure would like to own this
piece of land). Nice, sharp green, unissued specimen.--$12
SB12: Texas 1927 P.R. Harris Nacogdoches County Enterprise. Orange and black certificate of interest on drilling. Large eagle with spread wings,
harbor scene, and city background/ capitol dome in sky. Nice issued but uncanceled, clean--$12
SB13: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. 1858 August 25, Hand signed-6.1/4" X 10" Black on White- early (B&O) Vig of old train that has passed a bridge with city in distance. Each side shows a Pretty Lady holding circular banners that state the number#25452 wrtten in red on left side, right side with shares written in at 50. Over the top of the train shows: Shares One Hundred Dollars Each. Has some aging with hole punch cancels through signatures of Treasurer & President at very bottom of the paper, also shows a light stamp into paper un inked -vig of a Rail Boxcar. 1850s B&O are cataloged -Issued in "HALLS" at $190, but I have seen some recently a lot more reasonable so this is priced at--$70
SB14: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Years range 1951-62. 10 and 100 shares. Colors blue brown and green. Vig of very early train.--$6 ea.
SB15: Chicago and Southwestern Railroad Co. (IA.-MO.). 18-- 100 shares. Vig of old train/ state arms/ soldier with flag/ steamboat behind/
beautiful green/ orange revenue stamp print in center. Unissued uncirculated beauty.--$25
SB16: Columbus and Xenia Railroad Co. (Ohio) 1894. Black on pink. Vig of nice old train. needs to be seen. 40 shares--$18
SB16a: Delaware 1955 Seatrain Lines. vig. of mercury flanked by train and ship. cute green/white--$7
SB17: Missouri Kansas and Texas Railway Co. 1909. Red and black. Vig of locomotive leaving roundhouse. 1 share, ranks as one of my
SB17a: Sullivan Railroad Co.1851. Black on White-6"x8 3/4" Here ia a very scarce early railroad stock certificate, it is listed in Andrew Hall's Guide to old US Stocks and Bonds at $210.00 in issued condition which this is in. This was issued for 10 shares has 4 Vig of a lady seated, her arm around an Eagle a scene behind her, the other larger one on the left side of the note shows the train with boxcars smoke billowing from it's stack . The train is running vertical North, boxcars to the south. Other 2 vig are just very small and do not amount to much- It also has a half dollar size embossed Stamp into the paper. It is not inked. The certificate has a few brownish old stains over it but to tell the truth it shows character in the age of this item. It also has a very small tear out at the very bottom outside of the nice border , it does not bother a thing, just thought I would mention this.--$145
SB18: Western Maryland Railway Co. 1962. Olive and white. Vig of god Mercury streaking in front of train. 65 shares--$6
SB18a: Minnesota 1880s Cedar Falls and Minnesota RR Co. black/white. vig. of steam train “Progress” picking up passengers at small village.
unissued with stub--$18
SB18b: New York 1940s-50s West Shore RR Co. Bond. panoramic view of Hudson River, steamboats, sailing vessels. brown/black. nice large
SB18c: Oregon 1887 Oregon and Transcontinental Co. brown/black. indian warriors on cliff overlooking valley of RR and construction workers
camp and wagons. this vig. much in demand by collectors, very popular--$29
SB18d: Texas 1860s- Beautifully unissued engraved Certificate from the Houston, Tap and Brazoria Railway Company. The historical document has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an old train powering along the track. Very nice--$22

SB19: Delaware North American Edison Co. 1933 and 1936. Olive green. Vig of Mercury seated between two world globes.--$6.50 ea.
SB20: Montana 18-- Helena Power and Light. Green and brown. Low issue number. Vig of walking liberty in front of flag/ government building and
city with steamship and train. Mint unissued, probably precedes Montana statehood--$11
Misc. Stocks and Bonds:
SB21: Delaware 1943 West Indies Sugar Corp. Green with vig of two women flank portrait of sugar cane/ eagle perched on top. Castro confiscated
this company’s sugar fields. Scarce certificates today.--$6.50
SB22: Montana 189- Washoe Mercantile Co. (Deer Lodge). Black on green, low issue number. Vig of Christopher Columbus arriving in New
World. beautiful. Needs to be seen on wall or ? Unissued, mint.--$22
SB23: Pennsylvania early 1900s Philadelphia Bourse Trading and Shipping. Vig of scene on wharf with sailors, merchants, etc./ gold coins, tools/
ship and train in the background. Green and black, very attractive unissued.--$17
SB25: Rhode Island early 1900s Naragansett Racing Association Inc. Vig of Indian warrior wearing warbonnet, horse track behind with race horses
rounding last turn. Gorgeous, mint unissued. I like this one--$25

Railroad Passes: Mexico
Scarce items, try to find these in quantity like you do some coins. Made with stout card stock paper. size is 2 1/2”x 4 1/2”.
Rp 1: 1901 Nacional Mexicano, green, fancy title w/vig, in circle at upper left. Eagle w/snake, annual in spanish issued to western US conditions.
Near mint--$36

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