World Gold Coins
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World Gold Coins:
G1 Brazil 1854 10,000 Reis slight wear nice luster XF
G2 Brazil 1876 10,000 Reis sharp low mintage coin in abt. XF
G3 Chile 1838IJ 2 Escudos-2 Year type, very scarce mintage of only 3,449 struck. This is the "Hand on Book" type as the issue scanned below showing the 8 Escudos. This 2 Escudos with a couple marks on it is around VF

G4 Chile 1836IJ 8 Escudos, this one is pictured above. Very scarce and a nice looking coin. It does have a small gash in the crest upper left of the star. About Very Fine
G5 Colombia 1792 PJF (Popayan) Mint Escudo. It has a very small repaired hole, well done. Located at 12:00 you really have to look at it to notice. Overall condition F
G6 Colombia 1808 PJP (Popayan) Mint Escudo. Couple of small dents in obverse field area, not too bad. Just an average circulated coin. VG
G7 Colombia 1811NR JJ (Cartagena) Mint Escudo. This is the Key date around VG with mount marks decent coin
G8 Colombia 1825 JF (Bogota) Mint Escudo. This nice coin books high in this grade. Very tough coin to get in this scarce series. VF
G9 Colombia 1825 FM (Popayan) Mint Escudo. Looks like the "5" of the date is struck over another number, not a "6" over "5" but a "5" over ? Condition F+
G10 Colombia 1767J Ferd.VI 2 Escudos VF but has a removed mark in the crest of the reverse but everything is visible.This is a nice higher grade coin and a very hard to get larger gold coin of this era. Scanned below

G11 Colombia 1825 JF (Bogota) Mint 2 Escudos-Tough series..couple dings here and there, not a bad VG

G12 Colombia 1826 Bogota Mint 8 Escudos. Pictured above- Blazing XF/AU with some luster
G13 Nueva Granada Colombia- Dos Pesos 1846UE Popayan Mint. VG+ with almost full banner across Liberty's hair, does have couple marks on the obverse, scarce
G14 Nueva Granada Colombia-16 Pesos 1838RU Popayan Mint. This is a nice large gold coin with Liberty Bust, ribbon in her hair -word- "Libertad" that is scarce. Has a nick on the right side in the field, coin is in VF
G15 Great Britain 1798 1/3 Guinea, this coin is in very high grade. I only notice a couple scratches in the bust area. Lots of luster, would fit well in a type set. XF/AU
G16 Great Britain 1800 1/3 Guinea, full detail in the hair on the bust but flan has minor bends at 5:00 and 7:00. Overall F/VF
G17 Great Britain 1817 1/2 Sovereign, looks to have been in jewelry, removed mount mark on rim VG
G18 Haiti 1973 100 Gourdes. Columbus Bust, Haiti coat of arms rev. Original wallet holds coin, not sure if Proof or BU. It does not say
G19 Haiti 1973 200 Gourdes. World Soccer Championship Games in original wallet not sure if it is BU or Proof, it does not say
G20 Mamluk(Slave Kings of Egypt)"Ashrafi", weighs 3.46 grams and is 15 mm in diameter, AH 842-922=(1438-39AD) to AH922(1516AD) of the Circassian Burji Mamluk dynasty. Nice
G22 Mexico 1856/4 MO GF 1/2 Escudo VF
G23 Mexico 1872 MoM Peso, this thing is really sharp and nice. Problem is it has a very small plugged hole at 12:00 Eagle side. Mintage scant 3,000, condition wise AU
G24 Mexico 1883/72 MoM Peso, what a very nice coin. The over date can be seen easily. Full lusterous, shiny. Might have been dipped but just my opinion. Book shows a partial mintage of only 1,000. Better get this one.. top end grade AU/UNC
G25 Mexico 1884 MoM Peso, another very tough date. Very high top end grade too but has a mount mark on lower area of the "1" for 1 Peso side. I also see scratches on the outside rim, could have been a possible mount area too. Eagle side looks fully lusterous sharply struck, but I would say AU/Unc
G26 Mexico 1896 MoM Peso, one of the more common dates in this scarce series, but this is still very low mintage-7,166 struck! Very nice well struck little gold coin. It has a very tiny solder spot on the outside rim XF
G29 Mexico 1900 MoM Peso, good looking, I see small trace of mount marks on rim, overall very nice. Should go XF
G30 Mexico 1902 CnQ Peso, better mint mark, very low mintage 2,480. Has been mounted at one time, still OK looking coin. It would have graded Extra Fine/AU
G31 Mexico 1903 MoM Peso, very nice high grade with a mount mark on rim 12:00 and 6:00. Very pleasing coin. AU
G32 Mexico 1946 2 Peso mount mark VF
G33 Mexico 1947 2 Peso mount mark VF
G34 Mexico 1943 50 Pesos, yes the scarce date without the words 50 Pesos on the reverse. Instead this one year type only says "37.5 ORO PURO" on each side of winged Libertad. With the 1.2057 Oz. of gold it is hefty with this value alone. Also with the very low mintage of just 89,000 its a sure winner. This coin is nice..CH BU
G35 Mexico 1957 22mm-8.35 Grams gold medal-Primer Centenario De La Constitucion-1857-1957. Obv. Bust of Benito Juarez, Mexico City mintmark is at the right of the Bust. Rev. shows the National Eagle. Slightly larger and thicker than a USA $5.00 gold. Small amount of wear with mint luster Xf to AU
G36 Mexico Bank Medal 10 Peso size,obv. Banco do Mexico 1965-reverse Aztecs. Scarce,sharp BU
G37 Mexico 1962 Cinco de Mayo 1/2 ounce size medal 17.45 grams (weighs more than the 20 Peso). choice BU
G38 Mexico 1985 250 Pesos-Subject 1986 World Cup Soccer Games .25 Oz. gold- in Brown Presentation case-Proof
G39 Newfoundland 1888 Two Dollars. Another as above but much nicer. This one is ANACS Slabbed-AU Details, net Extra Fine. Deep beautiful tone
G40 Ottoman Empire Sulayman I (The Magnificent) Sultani Year-AH 926 (1520s era). Miser (Egypt). Date struck off flan as most were VF
G41 Peru 1854 MB 2 Escudos. A better date VG
G42 Peru 1960 5 Soles, sharp BU
G43 Peru 1908 1/2 Libra, very low mintage XF
G45 Peru 1964 ZBR Libra, vey nice BU
G46 Peru 1968 BBR Libra, BU scarce
G47 Philippines 1868 2 Pesos, has a mount mark in the center of the Spanish Crest on the reverse. Still a popular attractive coin in F+
G48 Saudi Arabia AH1370(1950) Trade Guinea. Only year these were struck. Blazing shear beauty BU Wow!
G49 Spain 1788SC Seville Mint 1/2 Escudo. Nice looking, shows a very tiny trace of mount in the past at 12:00. Just want to mention it. I like it.. VG
G50 Spain 1779MPJ Madrid Mint Escudo. Traces of a past mount on the rim at 12:00. condition VG
G51 Spain 1804 FA Madrid Mint 2 Escudos. Lightly polished, looks to have been in jewelry. Decent coin F+
G52 United States 1852 1.00 Dollar, has good detail, had been used as a Tie pin, two solder spots on reverse, otherwise would grade F/VF
G53 United States 1859 1.00 Dollar, two small solder marks in lower area on reverse, obverse has a scratch on the cheek of the Indian lady bust. This coin is still very attractive. It would have graded VF
G54 United States 1886 1.00 Dollar, very scarce date- mintage 6,016, only thing I do see faintly are a few hairlines (with my 16x glass) but no wear, BU+
G55 United States 1853 2.50 Dollars(Quarter Eagle), good looking coin About VF
G56 United States 1854 2.50 Dollars(Quarter Eagle), decent evenly worn, has rim nick at 4:00 on reverse F+
G57 United States 1857 2.50 Dollars(Quarter Eagle), Very high grade but has a couple small digs in the last "A" on reverse of the word America--XF
G57a United States 1862S 2.50 Dollars(Quarter Eagle), Oh gosh this is very nice with a mintage of only 8,000. Very upper grade, I do not see wear except for a very minute hairline scratch on the side of face. Other than this with mint luster it is very high $$$ coin in AU or BU. I would go

G58 United States 1870S 2.50 Dollars(Quarter Eagle). Scarce date only 16,000 minted. It has the California gold field strike history riding with it. Had been mounted on the reverse. Solder traces over by right and left side of the reverse field. Otherwise the coin would have graded VF
G59 United States 1887 2.50 Dollars(Quarter Eagle). You look at the scan. Full hair curl over the ear of Miss Liberty, very sharp strike. Go find another one better with this paltry low mintage of 6,282 struck. Prices in this grade tend to be all over the board. This thing would look great in a US type set of rare date coins. Semi Prooflike Unc

G60 United States 1902 2.50 Dollars(Quarter Eagle) would grade high but has a small loop on rim area at 12:00, neatly done. Gold coin is in great shape, no ugly damage. This could be worn proudly! XF
G61 United States 1903 2.50 Dollars(Quarter Eagle) high grade coin. Its placed in a pin mount as to not cause damage. The pin that penetrates the material is mounted on the sides of the pin, not affecting the coin. Well done. Coin is nice XF+
G62 United States 1878 5.00 Dollars(Half Eagle) a beautiful high grade lusterous AU
G63 United States 1880S 5.00 Dollars(Half Eagle). Average circulated lower grade, no damage.
G64 United States 1883S 5.00 Dollars(Half Eagle). Nice low mintage 83,200 struck, also very nice. I do not see wear. This books rather high in UNC. Probably UNC
G65 United States 1884S 5.00 Dollars(Half Eagle). This is a very nice gold coin with much of it's luster still present. Books very high in Unc grade! This one is close to Unc but it does have a tiny amount of wear. AU
G66 United States 1889 5.00 Dollars(Half Eagle). with a mintage of only 7,565 it is a very sharp clean looking coin. Very little contact marks. UNC
G67 United States 1904S 5.00 Dollars(Half Eagle). Low mintage better date VF
G68 United States 1878 10.00 Eagle, a very nice coin with another LOW mintage. No problems, it looks to be around AU
G69 United States 1891 10.00 Eagle, another low mintage nice strike grades XF/AU
G70 United States 1901S 10.00 Eagle, just look at the scan, just an absence of marks plus it is struck so nice too. Beauty!!!

Miscellaneous Collectibles:
MC1: Ring. Mary Hardin-Baylor college, TX, 1961. Haltoms 10K white gold. Superb condition
Historical Paper Items Books etc:
MC2:Two volume set "Compendium VIII Reales" by Gabriel Calbeto de Grau, Puerto Rico 1970 in very good condition with illustrations of 8 reales throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Includes price list for 1970. Descriptions are in English and Spanish. No tears and pages are clean with some age toning. This two volume set is in demand, as the years go by it gets tougher all the time.--$345

MC2a: Stampless letter from San Augustine, Texas on December 31 1853 and mailed January 1st 1854. San Augustine was the first American settlement in Texas. Addressed to Colonel John A Greer, Austin, TX. Cover has readable postal markings. Letter is from F.B. Sexton and is in regards to a Board of Directors meeting scheduled for Jan. 16, 1854 at Rusk, Texas. These two guys were major players in Texas history! John Alexander Greer was a Member, Senate of the Republic of Texas; Secretary of Treasury, Republic of Texas; Lieutenant Governor of Texas. The other fellow, the writer there was F B Sexton or Franklin Barlow Sexton (April 29, 1828 � May 15, 1900) was a politician from Texas who served in the Confederate Congress during the American Civil War. In April 1860, Sexton was elected as president of the Texas State Democratic Convention. He presided over the convention, which passed resolutions regarding states rights and reaffirming the institution of slavery. The following year, with the outbreak of the Civil War and Texas's secession, Sexton briefly joined the Confederate States Army, but resigned after being elected to fill a vacancy in the State Senate. In 1862, he was elected to the First Confederate Congress as a representative from Texas's 4th District and left home in July to travel to Richmond, Virginia, to assume his duties, arriving in mid-August. He worked with the War Department to improve the conditions of the average soldier in the field. Sexton was reelected to a second term in 1863, serving until the fall of the Confederacy in the spring of 1865 and the dissolution of the Congress. Item scanned below:

MC4: Merchandise sign. reads “We now have Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in stock.” 9 by 9 1/2 in. Red letters on white background. Nice condition with two folds. 1890-1919 period--$8
MC5: As above, Camels bright red, 5 by 12, few small creases and such--$9
MC6: Same size but Prince Albert smoking tobacco. circa 1948--$9
MC7: Movie poster. Moonstruck with Cher. 40 by 6 1/2 in. neatly folded--$12
MC8: Black collectible. Music sheet circa 1907 title: “Nothing but a Texas Coon” with front cover illustration of a black farmhand standing amongst a field of crops, watermelons, and chickens. Complete song inside. rough edges worn from use, but intact. very scarce--$65

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