World Coins 2
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W-55: 1819 FJ Real. Ferd VII but has left over Carlos IV Bust. Early Colombia Reales can be tough G
W-56: 1848 B 2 Reales. G
W-57: 1849 B 2 Reales. VG
W-65: 1942 B 10 Centavos. BU
Central American Republic:
Costa Rica:
W-71: 1892 25 Centavos. F
W-72: 1885 50 Centavos. VG+
W-75a: 1915 10 Cents. VF
W-75b: 1915 10 Cents. XF
W-75c: 1916 10 Cents. G
W-75d: 1920 10 Cents. F
W-75e: 1949 10 Cents. BU
W-75f: 1915 20 Cents. F
W-75g: 1916 20 Cents. VG/F
W-76: 1920 20 Cents. VG
W-77: 1916 40 Cents. KEY scarce low mintage date VG

"All People Dream : but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty
recesses of their minds
wake in the day to find that it was vanity.
But the dreamers of the day
are dangerous people,
for they may act their dream with open eyes
to make it possible."

-T. E. Lawrence

The next coin DANISH WEST INDIES is from a time the world's outlaws, desperados, or Pirates gathered. Names such as Edward Teach(Blackbeard) roamed the waters in and around these very islands. Although Teach was killed around 1718 other Pirates like him must have used these very coins.

Danish West Indies:
None available
W79: 1857GJ 4 Reales. Great looking with tracable scratches on bust VG+
El Salvador:
Not a thing available here!
W80: 1772P 2 Reales. This coin has quite a bit of detail, original tone about VG
W81: 1791M 2 Reales. Nice pleasing scarce VG
W82: 1792M 2 Reales. G
W82a: 1797M 2 Reales. F
W83: 1799M 2 Reales. G/AG
W84: 1800M 2 Reales. G
W85: 1801M 2 Reales. has removed mount mark on outside rim but a very sharp looking F+
W86: 1808RM 2 Reales, Ferd. VII- very scarce G+
W87: 1810M 2 Reales Ferd. VII but shows the bust of Car. IV, decent scarce VG
W87a: 1813M 2 Reales G+
W88: 1872 2 Reales. Scarce VG
W89: 1894H 2 Reales Tone BU
W90: 1897 2 Reales BU
W91: 1898 2 Reales Toned UNC
W91a: 1773 GP 4 Reales, very scarce coin. Not high grade but affordable Obverse AG reverse Fair
W92: 1815/4NG 4 Reales Very decent better mint 4 Reales. Edge problem at 8:00 obverse. Not bad reeding is still complete. This one would grade—F
I need early silver from this country
W93: 1932 50 Centavos. VG
W94: 1871 50 Centavos one year type- AF
W95: AN 28(1831) 50 Cent. G
W96: AN 27(1830) Boyer 100 Centimes, nice coin around XF
W96a: AN 26(1829) 100 Cent. F/VG
W97: 1881 10 Cent. F
W97a: 1882 10 Cent. Beautiful Blazer full mint Luster BU
W98: 1894 10 Cent. F
W99: 1887 20 Cent. toned XF/AU scarce in high grade
W100: 1895 50 Cent. XF/AU
W101: 1968 10 Gourdes-47.05 grams-.999 fine silver-1.5113Oz. Haitian patriot General L'Ouverture on his horse. Beautiful low mintage mishandled Proof--$80
W102: 1975 25 Gourdes .925 Sterling- .2491oz International Women's Year. Obverse shows picture of two mostly nude ladies struck only this single year. This one still in the original wallet is the low production Proof with mintage a very low 1,440. scanned below

W103: 1978 50 Gourdes. Celebrates the Moscow Olympics coming up in 1980 with a super low mintage of estimated 350 coins. Books high... but I will be way less than book price, Coin is in proof


W104: 1740MF 1/2 Real AG
W105: 1751 1/2 Real F
W106: 1761 1/2 Real G
W107: 1765 1/2 Real G
W108: 1766 1/2 Real Light bend AG
W108a: 1768 1/2 Real Light bend G+
W109: 1777FM 1/2 Real VG+
W110: 1779 1/2 Real A/VG
W111: 1780 1/2 Real wavy with dents
W112: 1782FF 1/2 Real G
W113: 1783FF 1/2 Real G
W114: 1785FM 1/2 Real wavy G
W115: 1799 1/2 Real A/VG
W116: 1788 1/2 Real Rough F
W117: 1810HJ 1/2 Real G
W118: 1812HJ 1/2 Real scratches on bust VG
W119: 1813HJ 1/2 Real G
W120: 1814 1/2 Real Best I could do... say AG
W121: 1816 6/5? 1/2 Real not listed in book but looks to be an overdate AG+
W122: 1828/7 Ga 1/2 Real. Most of letters in the hat with rays visible, scarce VG
W123: 1500s Pillar Real. Looks to be the later series of undated coins of Charles & Joanna’s silver coins struck at Mexico City. The coin shows most detail. Pillars look nice defined, still quite much details on this coin F
W123a: 1762 Real G
W124: 1766 Real decent G+
W125: 1774 Real AG+
W126: 1780 F F/M Real VG+
W127: 1781 Real A/VG
W128: 1781 Real more detail AF
W129: 1782 Real AG
W130: 1782 Real G+
W131: 1787FM Real scarce weak G
W132: 1792 Real better date scratches VG
W133: 1796 Real Beautiful nice tone VF
W134: 1798/7 Real
W135: 1800 Real G
W136: 1801FT Real G/VG
W137: 1802FT Real G+
W138: 1804 Real G
W139: 1806 Real VG
W140: 1807 Real G
W141: 1807 Real G
W142: 1809 Real G
W144: 1816 6/5? Real, sure is an overdate but not listed in book AG
W145: 1821JJ Real
W146: 1844 Ga Real. Tough date/mint. Few letters in Cap visible, but has weakness in rim area down at 5:00. Otherwise this coin would go at least VG
W147: 1743 M 2 Reales Pillar VG
W150: 1759 M 2 Reales Pillar G
W151: 1768 M 2 Reales Pillar G+
W152: 1773 FM 2 Reales G
W153: 1774 FM 2 Reales G
W153a: 1776 FM 2 Reales, decent popular date in this series AG++
W155: 1777 FM 2 Reales G
W156: 1778 FF 2 Reales weak G
W157: 1782 FF 2 Reales G
W158: 1782 FF 2 Reales, Lots of detail, sharp looking coin, F++
W160: 1784 FF 2 Reales G
W161: 1785 FM 2 Reales G
W162: 1785 FM 2 Reales G+
W163: 1786 FM 2 Reales G
W164: 1786 FM 2 Reales G+
W164a: 1787 FM 2 Reales G/VG
W165: 1787 FM 2 Reales F
W166: 1788 FM 2 Reales F
W167: 1789 FM 2 Reales Car. IV, scarce weak G
W168: 1789 FM 2 Real Car. IV variety, scarce better date VG
W170: 1795 FM 2 Reales G+
W170a: 1804 TH 2 Reales bare G
W171: 1804 TH 2 Reales G
W171a: 1806TH 2 Reales G
W171b: 1809 TH 2 Reales Armored Bust Ferd. VII most detail present--AG+
W172: 1814 JJ 2 Reales. Another good date
W173: 1815 JJ 2 Reales VG
W174: 1819 JJ 2 Reales G+
W174a: 1821 JJ 2 Reales Beautiful high grade looks to be toned AU
W175: 1849/8 C CE 1/2 Real. F+ very tough date(Mint) in this condition F+
W176: 1830/2 GO Real. AVG
W176a: 1844 PI Real. Scarce better key- date/mint. F
W177: 1825 MO 2 Reales. AG+
W178: 1826 MO 2 Reales. G
W179: 1827 MO 2 Reales. G
W179a: 1828 ZS 2 Reales. G
W180: 1831 GO 2 Reales. F
W180a 1832 MO 2 Reales. Very scarce date G/VG--$68
W181: 1833 ZS 2 Reales. G
W181a: 1833/2 ZS 2 Reales.G
W182: 1835/4 DO RM/RL 2 Reales. Very rare. Full “Liberty” F
W183: 1837 GO 2 Reales. VG
W184: 1838 GO 2 Reales. X mark above Assayer "PJ" VG
W185: 1839/8 GO 2 Reales. AF
W186: 1840 GO 2 Reales. VG
W187: 1842/32 DO RM 2 Reales. Good looking better variety VG
W188: 1842 GA 2 Reales. Better mint mark/scarce date. Full Libertad on hat, nice coin! F
W189: 1846 C CE 2 Reales. Scarce coin from this mint's first year in operations. Condition G+ or better!
W190: 1847 GO 2 Reales. F
W192: 1851 GO 2 Reales. F
W193: 1852 GO 2 Reales. VG
W194: 1854 GO 2 Reales. VG
W195: 1856 ZS 2 Reales. AG+
W196: 1858 GO 2 Reales. VG
W197: 1859/7 GO 2 Reales. F
W198: 1861 GO 2 Reales. AF
W200: 1867 MO 2 Reales. F
W201: 1868 MO 2 Reales. VG
W207: 1754 MF 4 Reales. around G+VG, this coin is a rare date of the series. Most do not own this one. Better get it before somebody else does.
W208: 1760 MO 4 Reales. just a well worn coin with no problems, decent AG
W208a: 1777FM 4 Reales. lot of detail but with some scratches on the neck VF
W209: 1781FF 4 Reales. Oh gosh the KEY of the series, RARE! Looks to be Fine
W211: 1785FM 4 Reales. How about another KEY date, seems I have them. Between Fine & Very Fine
W212: 1788FM 4 Reales. Decent coin sort of weak struck in couple places close to the rim area, but overall condition is Fine
W213: 1802FT 4 Reales. what a scarce date here and a key date too. Its all there just about but not quite a full good AG++
W214: 1803FM 4 Reales. Super Key with the very scarce "FM" instead of the "FT"-this coin books way up! Affordable G obv. VG reverse, its all in the strike more so than the wear. There is a lot of detail in the bust of Charles IV
W215: 1806Th 4 Reales. Couple small scratches on obverse 3:00, small rim dings, but the detail shows to be close to
W216: 1827/6 MOJM 4 Reales. First year issue in the Cap and Ray series. Its also RARE. Unpriced in XF on up. This coin is Fine lots of detail. Good looking!
W217: 1833 ZS 4 Reales with nice details F
W217a: 1840 GO 4 Reales. Good looking dark uncleaned tone, tough date F
W217b: 1842 ZS 4 Reales. Large Letters variety AF
W217c: 1843 GO 4 Reales. Thin Rays variety VG
W217d: 1843/2 GO 4 Reales Thick Rays variety G+
W218: 1844 GA 4 Reales VF
W219: 1844 GO 4 Reales. AVF
W220: 1845/4 GO 4 Reales. Better variety F
W221: 1845 PI 4 Reales. Scarce VG
W222: 1846 GO 4 Reales. light edge dings VG
W222a: 1848/7 GO 4 Reales. just look at this scarce upper graded coin. Grading company says XF

W222b: 1850 GO 4 Reales. Nice coin F++
W223: 1850 PI 4 Reales. VG
W224: 1851 GO 4 Reales. Full Libertad on hat band. Weak on lower rim assayers initials area. F
W225: 1851 ZS 4 Reales G+
W226: 1852 GO 4 Reales. Obv-VG+ Rev-F+ Cleaned Obverse -Ugly-Liberty Cap has most of the letters
W227: 1853 GO 4 Reales This is a nice one and a better date great strike with lots of detail VF+
W228: 1854 GO 4 Reales. Tougher date, this one I do not get often and this one is around VF
W230: 1856 GO 4 Reales. VG
W232: 1860 C PV/V 4 Reales. F+
W233: 1860 GO 4 Reales. VG
W233a: 1862 MO 4 Reales. Yes a better date, scarce..traces of luster flat breast eagle as most are Abt. XF
W234: 1863 MO 4 Reales. Better date, higher book value, decent F
W235: 1863 ZS VL 4 Reales. VG
W235a: 1868ZS YH 4 Reales. Abt. VG
W236: 1869 PI PS 4 Reales. Nice full strike. Full Libertad on hat band, full snake over Eagle’s breast. Better date uncleaned original XF
W236a: 1758 MM 8 Reales Pillar style. Just even wear not a bad looking coin VG
W236b: 1767 MF 8 Reales Pillar. Very light scratchs in field area, looks to be around F+
W237: 1772 FM (Inverted) 8 Real.(Piece of Eight) This is also the first year of the Famous Portrait series coins starting with Carolus III. Bold XF with original Luster traces all over it. This is a tough coin to catch in a high grade as this. It will fit well in any collection, a real looker.
W238: 1789 FM 8 Reales-Legend of Car. III-Bust Car. III variety, very light scratch on neck, about F
W239: 1789 FM 8 Reales-Legend of Car. IV-Bust Car. III variety, some minor marks VG+
W240: 1821JJ 8 Reales FERD. VII-Great toned EF
W241: 1821CG 8 Reales FERD. VII-"DURANGO" Mint(War of Independence-Royalist Issue)-Scarce high grade nice strike a beauty VF/EF
W242: 1821GaFS 8 Reales FERD. VII Trace of very light obverse Grafitti in right field when tilted in a lighted area to see. Nice well struck, letters in the ribbon over pillars on the reverse can be seen well. AXF
W243: 1876 HO 8 Reales VF
W244: 1877 CA EA 8 Reales-this year had three different assayers. This one is a better(scarce EA) assayer. This coin has good looks. The eagle is strong in strike. Full feathers all over. Some luster still present in areas. Very small rim ding at 12:00 above eagles head. With this I would grade VF+
W245: 1877OA AE 8 Reales-always popular mint because of the lower minting numbers on these coins from this mint. Stained but everything readable except on the Liberty Cap. It is flat with possible adjustment marks over it. Not pretty but a good better date coin
W246: 1878 OA AE 8 Reales Sharp XF/AU small edge ding 12:00 low mintage
W247: 1885GA AH 8 Reales nice strike with beaming luster showing under the multiple colored tone. Beauty! UNC
W248: 1887 CA MM 8 Reales Uncirculated with luster and tone around the edges
W249: 1888 OA 8 Reales another scarce one XF
W250: 1890 HO FG 8 Reales gorgeous nice strike (pictured below)-scarce- medium toned with underline luster-UNC

W251: 1894 HO FG 8 Reales with gold and grey tones on the eagle with snake side. The tone covers the rim and is starting to seep into the Cap and Ray side. Sharp Strike too! Nice Uncirculated
W252: 1902 ZS Peso full struck UNC
W253: 1909 MO Peso. Unc.
W254: 1992 MO 100 Pesos .999 fine oz. of silver. Save the Vaquita Porpoise with one swimming in the ocean, eagle and snake on reverse. No mint report but struck in Proof only
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