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Silver Ancients
A-5: Parthia 105-47 AD. Drachm Vologases III very nice type coin Lusterous Full strike UNC
A-6: Persia 450-330 BC. King kneeling Siglos. AVF
Rome Republic:
A-7: Rome Republic denarius-I bought a small collection of good silver ones. Lots of looking up to place in the right category. Takes a lot of time. If interested, ask.
A-15: Almahordes (Moors) 12th cent. Dirham. Clip cob--nice
eye-catcher. High grade as struck- Scarce

World Coins
W-1: 1882 10 Centavos. Choice BU
W-2: 1883 10 Centavos. Ch. BU
W-3: 1883 20 Centavos. luster & tone with some bag marks XF/AU
W-4: 1883 50 Centavos. Nice with luster & tone also, Uncirculated

W-5a: 1768JR 1/2 Real scarce worn little Pillar coin. Mint mark not visible but the JR assayer's initials are very plain to see. AG
W-6: 1773JR 1/2 Real Condition for this better date is G+
W-6a: 1790PR 1/2 Real, Legend Car.IV but with Car. III bust variety, this coin has detail and looks to be VF
W-6b: 1661PE Real Cob Two dates visible on Pillar and Waves side. Shield side is about worn smooth but mighty scarce showing the two dates so........
W-7: 1733 (Assayer E or YA not visible) Real Cob. Nice date and nice cross. Easy F
W7b: 1753C Real Cob. Decent with full date F
W-7c: 1741PC/P Cob 2 Reales. The "C" in upper right area is very visible but cannot see it struck over the "P". Worn but the date is very clear. Cross very nice also. This scarce variety books as "Rare" no price listed.--G
W-7d: 1742PC/P Cob 2 Reales. This is a great looking coin. Might have been buried at one time but its the very scarce one that only says "Rare" in the book with no price quoted. You can see the "C" in upper right struck over the "P". Scanned below

W-8:1770/69(V,Y) 2 real Cob. Looking in the catalog it is only listed as "Rare" with no price given. I am showing a larger scan of the date area. Sure looks like a 70 struck over a 69! "Very Scarce" cob I would think F

W-8a: 1768JR 2 Reales, scarce pillar type but is very low grade. Worn Fair/AG
W-8b: 1774JR 2 Reales, Key date decent AG
W-8c: 1776JR 2 Reales, Very popular date with collectors and scarce too, G+
W-8d: 1780/79 PR 2 Reales, F
W-9: 1782 PR 2 Reales, light crease in center of reverse, Decent G/AG
W-10: 1782/1 PR 2 reales. New variety listed in the New Book-Spain Portugal & the New World by Krause. It is a key date, books high in all grades. This one is a Very Fine+
W10a: 1790 PR 2 Reales. Carolus IV variety, scarce coin has minor scratches VG
W-11: 1717 Y 4 Reales cob, decent clear date and shows the Assayer "Y" also. Scanned below, around Fine

W-12: 1761 VY 4 reales cob, good clear date, Ok cross, nice F
W-13: 1767 JR 4 reales this is not the Cob type but the very scarce Pillar type that were only struck for 4 years at this mint, truly hard to come by -possibly very rare in this grade with much detail showing F+
w-14: 1773JR 4 Reales, scarce, this is close to Fine
W-15: 1782PR 4 reales VG
W-15a: 1807PJ 4 reales G
W-15b: 1711 8 Reales and 1760s 2 Reales lot: Yes two cobs for the money. Average circulated

W-16: 1744 C 8 reales cob,"RARE" very scarce date. I bought this from the Calbeto collection that was sold through Colonial Coins of San Antonio, Texas in August 1975. I have the PNG papers that go with it. I have had it in my collection for a good while now. This pedigree coin would fit well in an advanced collector's collection of cobs. Not cheap, but I see most good coins do go for better prices, right??

W-16a: 1745 Q 8 reales cob 2 full dates books very high crude F+
W-16b: 1771 VY 8 reales Cob, nice full easily seen date. This is struck during the last couple years of the "Cob" types before going into the round coins starting in the year 1772!

W17b: 1791PR Car. IIII Bust 8 Reales decent strike, couple scratches on Obv. of coin. Still very nice scarce date VF
W17c: 1821PJ FERD. VII Bust 8 Reales, just the next thing to an AU or so. But I will grade EF+
W17d: 1824PJ FERD. VII Bust 8 Reales, this year is scarce, a key date-Very pleasing EF
W17e: 1825JL FERD. VII Bust 8 Reales, Abt. EF
W-18: 1841 LR 8 Sol. Abt. F
W-19: 1897 CB 50 centavos. BU
W-20: 1872FE Un Boliviano, nice white Uncirculated-few small dark tone spots on Rev.
W-20a: 1810B 640 Reis. VG
W-20b: 1819R 960 Reis. very nice even wear with no damage Abt.F
W-21: 1857 500 Reis. Brilliant Uncirculated
W-22: 1858 500 Reis. Uncirculated Light Gold Tone
W-23: 1859 500 Reis. Brilliant Uncirculated-low mintage
W-24: 1860 500 Ries. XF
W-24a: 1861 500 Reis. Brilliant Uncirculated
W-24b: 1864 500 Reis. Brilliant Uncirculated
W-24c: 1856 1000 Reis. Uncirculated with nice golden tone
W-25: 1861 1000 Reis. F
W-25a: 1863 1000 Reis. Uncirculated
W-27: 1878 1000 Ries. F+
W-28: 1879 1000 Ries. EF
W-29: 1883 1000 Ries. VF+
W-30: 1851 2000 Ries. F+
British Honduras:
W-31: 1897 25 cent. weak “25 cent” on reverse. overall VG
W-31a: 1897 25 Cents. Better grade much detail for this low mintage coin VF
W-32: 1901 25 cent. scarce. F
W-33: 1907 25 cent. VG
W-33a: 1911 25 Cent, the low mintage Key date G
W-34: 1919 25 cent. VF
W-34a: 1894 50 cent. G+ w/flan flaw.
W-34b: 1895 50 Cent. 50 Cents in center of reverse worn smooth. G
W-34c: 1901 50 cent. very scarce. VG
W-34d: 1911 50 cent. VG
British Guiana:
None Available
British West Indies:
W-35a: 1822 1/16 Dollar. Very nice XF
W-36: 1822 1/8 Dollar. AG bent
W36a: 1822 1/8 Dollar. Nice decent F
W-37: 1822 1/4 Dollar. VG+
W-38a: 1941C Newfoundland 5 Cents very nice Toned BU
Central American Republic:
W38b: 1832F 2 Reales Crude strike... but the better date. Small cut out at bottom edge to the right of the date VG+
W-39: 1780 DA 2 Real. Very scarce low mintage colonial coin. Decent coin... Obv. G, Rev. Fair+/Abt G
W-40: 1834 IJ Real. Scarce--nice AF
W-41: 1868 50 Centavos. XF
W-42: 1872 50 Centavos. XF
W-44: 1873 Peso- Scarce w/gold toning unc. BU
W-45: 1879 Peso very nice steel gun metal tone in field areas, sharp strike UNC
W-46: 1882 Peso toned AU
W-47: 1882/1 Peso full mint bloom BU
W-48: 1883 Peso full mint luster UNC
W-49: 1884 Peso AU
W-50: 1885 Peso Choice AU Mint Luster
W-51: 1885 Peso-scarce nice BU
W-52: 1890/80 Peso-scarce key date in this series, also the overdate one- high grade
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