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(photo by Juan-Luis Sanchez)

Specially priced items: A large inventory makes it difficult to feature every individual item (as on my other page lists) and for this reason, these collectible items are presented here in a different format and at a discounted price compared to what I have sold them for previously.

SPC1: New Guinea Silver Shillings, dates ranging 1935-1938 AU/UNC--$6 each.

SPD1: Bills of lading for W. & C. Dickerman on various ships with cargos of carriage parts leaving the port of New York and going to ports such as Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans. Mid 1850s documents with ship vingettes in upper left corner--15.99 each
SPD2: Calcutta, India customs forms for exporting goods such as rice, cowhides, saltpeter and indigo to Boston for Augustin Wells & Co. in the early to mid 1850s. On the reverse each includes a colorful vignette of two lions holding the British flag--$9.99 each

Stock Certificates:
SPS1: Office of Lavaca Navigation Co. (Texas). Unissued 1850s. Vingette of an old steamboat with smoke rising from its smokestacks. On bottom small vignette of dog with key guarding safe. Very collectible early history of Texas--$24.99
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