World Coins 4
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W-356 1897 Peso few dings on rim but higher grade VF+
W-357 1903S Peso F+
W357a 1904S 20 Centavos nice toned with luster AU
W-358 1903 50 Centavos with luster AU
W-359 1904 50 Centavos. Slight mishandled- with total mintage of just- 1,355- Full luster Proof 60
W-360 1747 200 Reis good looking overall G
W-361 1766 200 Reis Not a bad coin G
W-362 1767 200 Reis Weak on rim on the Cross side, overall G
W-363 1782 200 Reis little better grade Abt. VG
W-364 1779 400 Reis nice early one in F+ scarce better date
W-365 1812 400 Reis very nice F++
W-366 1816 400 Reis decent in F+
W-367 1820 400 Reis -crown size -Nice light toned Uncirculated original condition coin shows the same features as the above coins but so much nicer
Sold Out

W368 1721 Segovia mint Real. Has scratch over by the mint mark. Would say Abt. F
W369 1708 Barcelona mint 2 Reales. This sure is nice, all details well seen, off center strike moved to the right leaving bare rounded planchet showing on obverse and reverse. Very attractive. Minor mount marks, trivial. Probably XF
W370 1708 Segovia mint 2 Reales. nice VF
W371 1708/7 Barcelona mint 2 Reales. Charles the Pretender F+
W372 1711 Barcelona Mint 2 Reales. Charles the Pretender F+
W373 1713 Barcelona mint 2 Reales. Charles the Pretender, a Beauty VF or so naturally struck off center adds to the good looks it has! Key date rather scarce in the series
W374 1718CAJJ 2 Reales.(Cuenca) nice F
W375 1723SJ 2 Reales. A lot of detail, should grade F+
W376 1772MPJ 2 Reales. 1st year issue of this series, popular G+/AG+
W377 1773MPJ 2 Reales. Better date and in great shape too. Should go G/VG
W378 1785MDV 2 Reales. G
W379 1788MDV 2 Reales. Another key date=assayer, scarce G+
W380 1812CCI 2 Reales. Scarce Cadiz mint mark with the crowned "C". Small dig between King Ferd's head and the rim at 11:00, VG
W380a 1812VGS 2 Reales. Very scarce Valencia mint and only struck for two years. Books nice in all grades! VG
W381 1820MGJ 2 Reales. VG
W382 1823MAJ 2 Reales. G+
W383 1824SJ 2 Reales. This is the "key" date and mint of this later Ferd. VII series -decent VG++
W384 1825MAJ 2 Reales. G+
W385 1850SRD 2 Reales. Reduced size-Queen Isabel II-scarce short lived series G
W386 1823LL 4 Reales (Valencia) mint a Maritime Province of eastern Spain, this coin is a one year type 4 Real struck in the size of an earlier 2 Real in about VG condition
W387 1823BSP 4 Reales (Barcelona) mint. Bare head bust of Ferd. VII VG+/F scarce
W388 1772SCF 4 Reales I never see this date for sale, sleeper? Undamaged but worn down to a pleasing very collectible Abt.G+
W388a 1774SCF 4 Reales decent uncleaned G/VG
W389 1779MJP 4 Reales good looking coin possible rim mount at 12:00 abt. F
W390 1792MMF 4 Reales Just good honest wear, no damage AG
W391 1792MMF 4 Reales VG
W392 1793MMF 4 Reales AG
W393 1812MAI 4 Reales De Vellon coinage with the reduced size. Low grade-- G
W394 1819SCI 4 Reales F
W395 1814CCJ 8 Reales, Cadiz, a better mint in this tough series of 8 Reales. Has a couple light scratches in field area right side on obverse. This thing has a lot of detail. Looks to be F+
W396 1815SCJ 8 Reales, VG or so, little better date and mint
W397 1819SCJ 8 Reales, VF small scratch below the number 9 in the date. This is a better date and books higher

W398 1881 Fribourg 5 Francs Shooting Thaler VF
W399 1885 Bern 5 Francs Shooting Thaler XF
W400 1887 Geneva Shooting Medal 1887, 45mm, silver, extremely fine, trace of mount at 12:00, very hardly noticed-Ref:- Martin 330

W401 This printing plate was used in printing coin catalogs in the 1700/1800's. Very unusual and scarce item. Sweden Riksdaler 1731. KM-B395 Frederick I. (Commemorating Frederick's visit to Hesse-Cassel). Copper plate. It looks scratched up however I placed printer's ink over the image then pressed it on paper and it printed the image rather nice. The copper plate image is on a wood base. Go for this historic unusual item. I scanned it below.

Silver Medals: A very under-rated segment of collectables. If you do not collect world medals you should, some are so rare, once sold they are not replaceable.
M1 1885 Railroad-Inauguracion Del Ferro Carril Andino-Abril de 1885. 51 mm and silver. Weight comes to 53grams about 1 3/4 oz. Sharp looking medal scanned below.

M2 1908 huge, heavy- 66mm Plata stamped into rim. Obv. Palacio De Gobierno-Large picture of the palace.-12 Octubre 1908 below. A. costa Huguet under palace. Rev. Beautiful Seal in center with these words above and below. Inaugurado Bajo La Administracion Del Siendo Ministro De Gobierno El Y De Hacienda Dn Juan Arzeno Dr Calito Lassaga Dr. Pedro Antonio Echague. This medal looks Royal!!
M2a 1966-1991-Battle of Long Tan, Vietnam- 1966 -I stumbled on this large 150 grams of sterling silver medal, 71 mm, on the Battle of Long Tan in Vietnam 1966. I thought what were the Americans doing there? Well they were not American but Australian troops helping us out doing their share fighting Communism along with us. There were I believe 108 troops in the area of Long Tan. Minding their business just doing their part. But on this day they met up with a very large force of Viet Cong or VC. Way out numbered they battled a long while and held their ground with the VC. Took some really bad casualties in the muddy weather. I looked at the Aussie's deaths. All men were 19-22 years old. What a way to go at such an early age. The medal is the 25 year anniversary of the battle in 1966. One side of this silver medal shows soldiers or men standing beside a sort of cross memorial of the battle playing bagpipes. Flip side shows the Australian War Memorial. Nice War Commemorative of the Vietnam era! Scarce
M2b 1931 Belgium Silver Medal St Michael Defeating the Devil by J.C. Chaplain. The medal is 41.54 mm in diameter and made in 92.3 fine silver weighs 27.9 grams or .991 ounces. The Latter-Day Saint (MORMON) view of Adam is unique among the world's religions, informed by direct revelation from Jesus Christ through His modern prophets. They identify Adam as the archangel Michael of the eternities. They emphasize his pre-mortal role in the heavens, his service to mankind by enacting the "fall," his role as the "ancient of days" who holds the priesthood keys of all dispensations, his prophetic role as a testator of Christ from the beginning of the world, and his role again in the eternities as Michael, triumphing finally over Satan and his armies. Few persons have been more directly involved in the plan of salvation than the man Adam. His ministry among the sons and daughters of earth stretches from the distant past of premortality to the distant future of resurrection, judgment, and beyond. As Michael, the archangel, Adam led the forces of God against the armies of Lucifer in the War in Heaven. Under the direction of Elohim and Jehovah, he assisted in the Creation of the earth. Adam and Eve brought mortality into being through partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. With the Fall of our first parents came blood and posterity and probation and death, as well as the need for redemption through a Savior, a last Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45). To Adam the gospel was first preached, and upon him the priesthood was first bestowed. From Adam and Eve the message of the gospel of salvation went forth to all the world. Following his death, which occurred almost a millennium after he entered mortality, Adam his watch-care over his posterity continued. Under his direction, revelations have come and angels have ministered. At his behest, priesthood has been conferred and keys delivered. Toned Unc

M3 1873 (no date) 38mm Agriculture FDC (choice UNC)
M4 same but larger 42mm The ultimate FDC (choice UNC)
The above two medals are beauties. Portrait of a pretty lady with
fruit and misc. in her hair. Real masterpieces. They look South
American but they are not.
M5 Decoration circa before WWII, industry and ag. cross of
forearms and 8 points. enameled on obverse, light blue/green
enameled wreath between arms. obv. center red/black enameled
raised oval disc, silver design spade, hammer and calipers, gear
wheel--black, yellow, red ribbon. gorgeous
M7 1825-1925 centennial. 47mm. workers pulling rail cart from
mine with liberty standing on cart holding torch and branch. nice
toned UNC.
M8 Crown size 1944 50th anniv. Bank of Chile. Obv. Mercury bust.
M9 1948 Measures 38mm across and weighs 30 grams-commemorates the 25th anniversary of the founding of the central bank of the republic in 1923-obverse has an older style looking bust of Liberty right-reverse has a map of Colombia low mintage 500 struck Toned Unc
M9a 1960 Commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Republic-measures 38 mm across and weighs 30 grams-on the obverse is the Casa of July 20-. Rev. shows a sharp crest of an eagle. Below the crest says Bogata ..mintage of 666-lightly toned Unc
M9b 1961 Founding of the National Numismatic Museum measures 1 3/4 inches across and weighs 48 grams-obverse shows the obverse and reverse of a gold doubloon, real eye catcher. Rev. shows the words- Bank of Colombia Bogota-only 1000 struck-grades toned BU
M10 1965 Patria Y Libertad Souvenir Peso. This sharp looking medal is designed as the 1897 issue was. But on the reverse it says Cubanos En Exilio Prooflike BU
M10a Christian VII Silver medal by Bauert for the birth of the princess Caroline on October 28th 1793 This is an odd shaped item when looked at from the rim area it is shaped like a flying saucer-the only way to describe this interesting thing. Obverse shows the All seeing Eye with Rays beaming from behind. The Eye is set in a Triangle just like the seal on the US dollar. Around this sharp looking image is wording-Eders Fader V eed Hvad I Have Behov . The very bottom of Obv. is Matth: 6.C:V:8. The Rev. shows a rocking Baby Crib with someone under cover . Above are the words Denne Er Dvdens. Lon Flere Er Danskes Bon. Down at the bottom says Den.28 October 1793 I. E. Bauert.F-it is the size of a US Half dollar, size 32mm weight 14 grams-never seen anything like this before--Nice Vf/XF toned.

M10b Armada Del Ecuador-Undated 62mm- Condor spreadwings perched on top of an Anchor within a wreath. This is nice! Reverse is blank. Weighed on my balance scales at 81 Grams of unmarked silver. It also comes in a case of issue
M11 circa (undated) 1750 Chamber of Commerce: Port of Nantes.Colonial sailing ship under full sail, flip-side commerce building.It is half dollar size. Very nicely toned old medal, XF
Germany States:
M12 1753 31mm obv. Ludwig XVI Establishment of surgical
society. Reverse has a few light scratches but not bad. Scarce older
medal. Toned VF
M13a Hannover Circa 1880s (undated) silver medal 42 mm Seal of Hannover with two lions, castle between them Flip side says in German Extreme effort in raising Canaries This is a grand medal for somebody who loved raising the birds. Cleaned has small rim bump, nice luster AU
M14 1875 42mm Fifth shooting festival. Golden toned proof, small
nick in obverse field.
M15 circa early 1900s undated Fire brigade 25 year service City of
Munster. 34.6mm. two lions breaching shield and knight helmet.
flip side info written within wreath. looped as issued. nice toned
M15b 1928 German 900 fine Silver Aviation Medal von Hunefeld & Kohl Transatlantic Flight: Been trying to locate a decent one for years. Most are worn, dented, banged up for being used as a pocket piece. Holes drilled in them too. But not this one. This is nice, solid condition too... sure is nice looking at it. UNC

M16 1929-1979 50th anniversary of the Zepplin. A thrilling proof.
Obverse Zepplin --reverse globe of world
M16a 1937 Nazi German International Hunting Association medal Berlin .935 silver in original case. It is a beauty. Look on You tube punch in search for "Internationale Jagdausstellung Berlin 1937" the video goes right along with this medal.

Great Britain:
M17 1913 Royal Thames Yacht Club Silver Medal 1913 First Regatta at Stokes Bay. 79.5 grams. 50 mm. "BUNTY" J. L. BAIRD, ESQ. C. M. G. AND ADMIRAL CHARLES BERESFORD O.C.B. G.G.V.O." inscribed on the rim. Good looking classic item.

M18 (1815-1990) Battle of Waterloo 175th Anniversary. Struck by the Royal Mint 63mm of Sterling silver. Large low mintage medal 2,500. Produced from reductions of the original dies that were engraved by Benedetto Pistrucci between 1819 and 1849. Obv. Allusion of Treaty of Peace which resulted from the battle. Busts of four allied sovereigns of the period-Prince Regent Francis II of Austria, Alexander I of Russia and Frederick William II of Prussia. Rev. Flying Victory and a figure of Jupiter. CLASSIC!!!!

M19 1984-1986 (1910-1912) In The Footsteps of Scott. Three men Gareth Wood, Robert Swan and Roger Mear. 350 pounds of survival gear, no dog teams, no air support or radios, the three men traveled 900 miles of deadly terrain to finally reach the South Pole on January 11 1986 using only a compass and sextant. In 1988 Queen Elizabeth presented the men with the Polar Medal. This medal is 67mm and over 5 Oz. of Sterling silver. One side shows the three men in their cold weather gear looking out over a very rugged land area with pelicans standing on ice out in the water in front of them. A vessel is there also with an aircraft above it. Reverse shows the three men pulling their gear behind them in the desolate wilds of Antarctica. Above them are the two old time images of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton. This is a beautiful low production silver medal
M20 1491-1991 500th Anniversary of the birth of King Henry VIII. Struck by the Royal Mint 63 mm of Sterling silver. Large medal with a low mintage of 2,500. Majestic portrait of Henry VIII surrounded by inscription about his birth 28th June 1491. Flip side shows the Armorial Bearings of the Royal Mint. This is a quality produced medal
M20a British Sterling Silver Hallmarks. Set includes silver hallmarks from London, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Edinburgh. Bradshaw & Darlington of England. Some tone over them. Weight for all four ingots 80+ grams. Packed in a plastic see through case, but has a crack in it but still looks ok.

M21 1975 This historic scarce sterling silver medal that weighs 3 oz. is a real good looking item. I do not get many items on Greenland but this one sure has it all. Very boldly struck too. Some history on it :Sirius Sledgepatrol, a trained special unit of the Royal Danish Navy. The main job they have (Sirius) is to maintain the Danish / Greenlandic sovereignty over the most barren and remote part of Greenland, called "Nord- og Nord stgr nland" (North and North East Greenland). A map of Greenland would show this as the large, uninhabited coastal area between Qaanaaq (Thule) in North West and Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) in East Greenland. This work is still done today with use of dogs and(sleds)= sledges. Item scanned below.

M22 1974 70mm about 10 1/2 oz. sterling-Official silver medal commemorating 1100 years anniversary of the Icelandic settlement. Medal is issued in 2000 pieces. Stamped for silver 925S and numbered on the edge 568/2000.Nice condition, it does show evidence of handling. Two very light scratches upper left by the Bull's tail. On the reverse shows a hint of soft polish area where it has slid around in soft plastic I got this in. Not really wear but soft light polish from plastic contact. I even have the small booklet that came with this medal. Goes into detail about the settlement that started in 874AD. The figures and all and what they represent are well described in the booklet. On the edge shows the country that minted this beauty- "Finland" -The side that displays the "1100" is actually the obverse but I liked the reverse side so...its displayed first. There is quite a bit of value in this just for the bullion value alone!

M22a Israel Bar Kochba official coin medal .925 fine silver 44mm 1.63 oz. Obverse shows the ancient coin and words Coin of Jerusalem 133BC. Flip side shows words and a scene of Mountains round about Jerusalen. The rim shows the words State of Israel. Also written in Hebrew. Very nice made/struck to look old.
M23 1968 Tokyo(1868-1968) Centenary large silver medal 50mm. My balance scales put the weight at 2 3/4 OZ. Hallmark stamped in Japanese on the edge. I think this is a very scarce medal. I do not recall ever seeing this one before. One side shows a Japanese man in traditional hat. Lots of detail. The other side shows a city view with a train streaking by, aircraft overhead. Below the train shows autos moving briskly on freeway lanes below. Around this picture circling is the words " Commemoration of the Tokyo Centenary-1868-1968"
M23a 1977.5.3 Soka Gakkai-a lay association of Nichiren Buddhists- square silver ingot-54mm x 54mm 3 oz.-Japanese writing on the obverse with a nice looking building with birds flying above. Below the building is flowers. Reverse shows a layout of Japanese letters, at lower left is the date? 1977.5.3-pleasing to the eye!
M23b 2000 MACAO(Macau) CHINA Cultural Center Billingual Silver Medal- PORTUGAL MACAO Building. JORGE COELHO ART DIAMETER: 50mm; THICKNESS: 2mm; WEIGHT: 64g; EDGE: 238/1000(number 238 of 1000 struck)Very nice over 2 Oz of sterling silver.COUNTER MARK, SIGNED: JORGE COELHO. Also a .925 stamp into medal lower right side close to rim on reverse. The opening of Macao Cultural Centre, in 1999 marks a new era in the cultural history of Macao by offering unique venues for artistic events, conferences and exhibitions, increasing cultural interchange and helping to expand culture amongst the Macao population. Thus, the Cultural Centre fulfils the cultural needs and improves the quality of life of the cosmopolitan population of Macao. In architectural terms the Cultural Centre is the most recent reference in the Macao urban skyline. With a total area of 45,000 m , the centre includes a garden, a complex of two Auditorias and an Art Museum. The complex of auditoria is composed of two venues: the Grand Auditorium, with capacity for 1,108 spectators and the Small Auditorium destined for small shows and cinema. Both auditorias include simultaneous interpretation rooms and modern sound and illumination systems. Besides, there are also conference rooms, exhibition hall, orchestra rehearsal room, multi-purpose rehearsal room, dance studio, green room, etc. The building comprises an area of 11,920 m , in 5 stories. The Museum includes 5 exhibition rooms in an area of 4,000 m2 approximately. This is, in fact, the largest audiovisual space in Macao. The Museum features also a conference room and a multimedia library. Other facilities at the Cultural Centre include car park, box office and information desk. Macau benefits from efficient mean of access by sea, land and air, which make the Cultural Centre the ideal venue for the presentation of local and international performances and international business conferences. Macao established by the Portuguese in 1557 is the oldest European settlement in the Far East.

M24 1975 40mm silver medal distributed by the Isthmian Numismatic Society, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the birth of Vasco Nunez de Balboa(1475-1975) who first viewed the Pacific Ocean from Panama, Sept 5, 1513. Obv. Bust of Balboa very similar to the bust of the silver coins of Panama struck in 1904. Rev. Adelantado Of The Austral Sea. TIBA Vasco Nunez De Balboa. Framed picture of him holding sword and banner. The years on each side 1475-1975. Below is 25 Sept. 1513. Frosty prooflike Beauty.
M30 1870 Silver Trans-Andes Railroad Medal. Obv: Vintage Steam Train entering town with Andes Mountains in Background. LLamas in Foreground. Legend around with Names of Chief Engineer E. Malinowsky and Contractor Henry Mieggs, an American, contracted with the Peruvian Government to construct no less than eight different Rail Lines through and around the Andes Mountains. Rev: Legend around stating that Railroad was Blessed on January 10, 1870. 50.5mm x 4mm. "Large Heavy Silver". C.E. Bryant Sc. Fine/VF condition with several(many) rim dings. Scarce early historic railroad medal!
M31 1928 Lima quarter size, Tobacco Warehouse Opening,lusterous UNC
M32 I have a scarce medal I want to post in the future in this area
M33a PORTUGAL INDIA ST MARTYR GONCALO GARCIA -Born in Bacaim, India. In 1593 went to Japan with other FRANCISCAN PRIESTS. In 1596, by orders of TAYCO - SAMA is crucified and killed with lances. He was canonized by POPE URBAN VIII In 1627.DIAMETER: 50mm; THICKNESS: 2-3mm; WEIGHT: 64g; EDGE: 252/1000( number 252 of 1000 struck) Very nice over 2 Oz of sterling silver.COUNTER MARK, SIGNED: JORGE COELHO. Also a .925 stamp into medal left side close to lower edge

M33b MYTHOLOGY/ MERCURY / GOD OF TRADE- Roman mythology, Mercury associated with the Greek deity Hermes, Latin: Mercurius was a messenger and a god of trade, profit and commerce, the son of Maia Maiestas and Jupiter. His name is related to the Latin word merx ("merchandise"; compare merchant, commerce, etc.). In his earliest forms, he appears to have been related to the Etruscan deity Turms, but most of his characteristics and mythology were borrowed from the analogous Greek deity, Hermes. Wow what a sharp looking vintage silver medal from Portugal WEIGHT: 69 GRS.-SIZE: 2.3 INCHES X1.5 INCHES - 60 MM X 40 MM -Edge has a silver stamping also finess .916

Puerto Rico:
M33c 1521-1971 450 Anniversario San Juan De Puerto Rico. 70mm -4.83 oz of .999 + silver. Struck by Medallic Arts Co. of New York. Issue # 224 One side showing a scene of the old Spanish Buildings. There are 4 circled images laying over one image as you move up the pathway of the larger image with walls and palm trees. Much detail in this great image. Flip side shows the Coat of Arms of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Great old image. I do not see this medal very often. It is rather scarce.
M33d 1949-1974 25 Anniversary Sociedad Numismatica De Puerto Rico, dated 1974. Shows Pillars of Hercules with banner PLVS. Reverse side displays what I have printed previously about the banner. 42mm 1 ounce silver. Scarce, its very nice Prooflike BU
M34 1974 MUNDO BASKET 64mm- 70 grams PUERTO RICO VII CAMPEONATO MUNDIAL BALONCESTO-One side shows a Fighting Rooster dribbling a Basketball wearing a game shirt that shows the words Puerto Rico on it. One Mean looking bird! Very scarce medal
M34a 1974 San Pedrito De Puerto Rico Papagayo Medio Peso, Puerto Rican Tody. This silver medal shows the little green bird or Tody on one side. Here is a video showing the cute little bird on you tube: Nice large silver medal starting to tone.

Information on next three silver medals: MEDALLAS CONMEMORATIVAS DE LOS VIII JUEGOS PANAMERICANOS. PUERTO RICO, 1979. Silver, 999 Fine.40.00mm Designed by LORENZO HOMAR (signed LETER "H" on OBV), struck by HISPAMER, GUAYNABO, P.R. (Puerto Rico)

M34b 1979 SILVER VIII JUEGOS PANAMERICANOS SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO.... GIMNASIA Side one on Balance Beam Side two Torch of Flames in Wreath. Words: San Juan Puerto Rico 1979 below wreath.
M34c 1979 SILVER VIII JUEGOS PANAMERICANOS SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO.... Baseball Player throwing ball. Side two Torch of Flames in Wreath. Words: San Juan Puerto Rico 1979 below wreath.
M34d 1979 SILVER VIII JUEGOS PANAMERICANOS SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO.... Two Wrestlers going at it. Side two Torch of Flames in Wreath. Words: San Juan Puerto Rico 1979 below wreath.
M35e 1979 SILVER VIII JUEGOS PANAMERICANOS SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO.... Swimming/ Diving Board. Side two Torch of Flames in Wreath. Words: San Juan Puerto Rico 1979 below wreath Mishandled AU
M36: 1968 Battle of Stalingrad Jan. 31 1943-struck by Medallic Arts 44mm 2+Oz. .999 Fine issue # 905 of reported 2,500 struck. Obv. shows German leader Fieldmarshal Friedrich Paulus with other bust of Russian Marshal Georgi Zhukov. Reverse shows the epic battle with soldiers tossing grenades and shooting rifles in the rubble of the city. This battle was the end of the line for the German advance. From then on after this battle it was retreat, retreat, retreat.....
Republic of San Marino:
M36a: San Marino, dated 1995. This is a 60mm silver 85 Grams issue # 1441 medal to commemorate the discovery of this buried treasure in the late 1800s. Found the buried body of a Noble Ostrogoth woman from around 500AD with very nice jewelry on her. Here is a link on this story: Nice large Uncirculated medal with paper work-Historic!

Saudi Arabia:
M36b: I have others to list here as I get the time
South Africa:
M36c South Africa 1969 William Harvey South African Blood Transfusion Medal Silver-48.1mm,60.5 gm, awarded to G. Waks. Obverse: Within a laurel wreath, bust of Harvey, half left, with skull cap and goatee beard. Legend on a wide band above: WILLIAM HARVEY and below between ornaments: 1578 1657 .Reverse: At the top, the emblem of the Blood Transfusion Services. On the left in concentric arcs: THE SOUTH AFRICAN / BLOOD TRANSFUSION SERVICES / IN COMMEMORATION OF THE / 50TH / BLOOD DONATION . On the right in concentric arcs: DIE SUID-AFRIKAANSE / BLOEDOORTAPPINGSDIENS / TER HERDENKING VAN DIE / 50STE / BLOEDSKENKING . In the centre across: BY/DEUR" with space above and below for engraving. At the bottom, an ornate cartouche for engraving. Silver medal stamped" "SILVER" above cartouche.Very nice heavy silver medal.
M36d: Spain 1590 Obverse: 42mm .999 fine with reeded edge- modern silver replica medal 8 Reales in silver. Segovia Mint . What a good looking mirror glow medal! Thought I would post this great looking item. This is the flip side with date showing. Spain 1590 dated silver medal that looks like the old style 8 Reales during that time. Only one like this I have handled.

M37: Luis I, August 25, 1707 August 31, 1724, born Louis-Philippe of Spain, was the eldest son of Philip V of Spain by his first Queen consort, Maria Louisa of Savoy.The set that this is from were less than 350 struck during years of 1964- 65 in Barcelona. Rare silver set. This medal Size 50 mm, weight 60.8 grams of 915 fine silver(Spanish finess circled Star stamped into the rim). Most coins struck during his very short rule as King of Spain have higher prices because of their rarity. He was the King of Spain from January 14, 1724 until his death Aug 31, 1724. How about this very rare medal on this short time ruler

M38: 1528 date showing but is a modern strike medal. One side shows an old time coin, above it the words-Silver Gyllen- then the date 1528 below. Flip side shows a large gear wheel and another smaller gear with rope or cable pulling up a full squared container of silver-ore?. Above this detailed image is the words Silver Malm(Mineral)? Below the full container is the word -"Joachimstaler". This medal is very nice. 45mm and weight is 2 1/2 Oz. Hallmarks on the edge with a .925 showing in there also. In it's original box showing the Mynt Verket produced this beauty. I do think it is rather scarce.
M38a: 1957-58 HMS lvsnabben MO1 Swedish Naval ship 1942-82. This silver medal is 43mm has silver stampings in the rim. The medal shows the cruise it went on in 1957-58. I found the listing of ports it saw in the world during that time. Here they are: left Karlskrona to: Malaga, Spain- Freetown, Sierra Leone-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-Montevideo, Uruguay- Mar del Plata, Argentina- Buenos Aires, Argentina-Punta Arenas, Chile- Valpara so, Chile- Juan Fernandez, Chile- Callao, Peru- Guayaquil, Ecuador- Balboa, Panama- Bridgetown, Barbados-Falmouth, England- return to G teborg, Sweden. This is no doubt a very rare silver medal. I have not seen another like this. Therefore

Turks and Caicos Islands:
M39: 1687(1971)'Silver Bank' Medallion-Read from the card insert that came with this item: Produced by the Crown Agents for the Government of the Turks & Caicos Islands in the West Indies. In 1687 Captain William Phips, under commission from King James II recovered treasure to the value of 300,000 Pounds from a Spanish ship sunk in the silver bank passage off Hispaniola during a hurricane some forty years before. To commemorate the salvage operation a medallion was struck and presented by the King to members of the recovery team and certain of his friends. It is believed that only half the treasure was recovered and that much more remains in the wreck. The wreck and its remaining treasure is now the property of the Government of the Turks & Caicos Islands and to make this clear to modern-day treasure seekers the Government, under Crown Agents auspices, has re-struck the original medallion in limited issue of only 1,000. This medal was struck in June 1971 # 166. It is struck in proof. It has been out in the air during it's time in the case it came with so it has a golden beautiful tone. Just a super strike. 57mm, Just a tad under 4 oz. in weight, lots of silver too! Historical!!!

United States:
M40 1876 100 year anniversary; silver dollar size. Looks like toned down proof--a beauty! Obv. Liberty kneeling down with sword in one hand, other arm reaching to sky with 13 stars above. Scarce, I would grade AU
M40a 1876 100 year anniversary; silver dollar size. As above but this is the set of three. Goldine, brass and the silver. All three in a higher grade but show wear. Tough set to buy in together. Worth every penny

M41 American Horse Shows Association Inc. this medal shows a winged horse standing on his hind legs in the sky and clouds. The reverse is blank for engraving. I saw another one just like this with the date 1931 engraved on it. This medal is dateless but sure looks nice It is struck by Medallic Arts is 57mm- weighs 2.75 oz. and is pure .999 silver-UNC
M41a Levis(Levi Strauss) Everyone knows his first name. 1829-1902. This famous jeans maker became popular out west because of the rugged fit of those blue jeans. Later the fad rolled over America. Now the "World." Look at this historic item, Cowboys, gold miners and timber cutters wearing those jeans! 87 Grams of .999 fine silver. Size 47mm x 48mm. Edge has stamped-Magnes Museum Berkeley Calif. .999FS #076 Item scanned below

M41b Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd President 1933-1945. Presidential Art Series, Designed by Ralph J Merconi dated 1961. Set in a nice case includes one copper and one silver medal. 32mm 23.3 grams of 999+ silver struck by Medallic Arts. The number on the rim of the silver medal is the same number showing on the case. Issue # 4117. It s a beautiful set.
M41c USS ARIZONA MEDAL-7 Dec. 1941 -This medal was presented to members of the Arizona Memorial Museum Association for a $250 donation- Battleship on one side-Memorial on the other side. -39mm Nice BU
M42 1961 100 year anniversary of Civil War. Obv. bust of Grant and Lee. Rev. North and South soldiers. Large 63mm. About 5oz. struck by Medallic Arts. Antique toned has some spots. Scanned below

M42a 1962 Golden Gate Bridge-San Francisco, California, 1937-1962- 25th Anniversary by Medallic Art Co. Issue #727-.999 fine 67mm, about 7.5 oz. on my balance scales. This large silver medal has some spotting but it is still very nice. Silver value alone makes it worth some money and it is pictured below.

M43 1963 Nebraska Numismatic Association Convention -Chadron, Nebraska. Two medal set in the old Capital Plastics case. 34mm silver and the bronze. Panhandle Coin Club. Indian talking with a Frontiersman. Reverse shows a buffalo and a building. Silver medal has the Antique look while the Bronze is a beaming BU. Could be a rare set, mintages on these kinds of sets are usually very small
M43a 1964 Freedom America-Salute to the first United States mint and a couple of it's coin designers. Notible names as James B. Longacre, designer of the Indian Head Cent. George Morgan designer of the so called "Morgan" Dollar from 1878-1921. What a large good looking Metal Arts .999 fine silver medal. My balance scales show a weigh in at 7.82 oz. It shows some mishandle friction on the cheek area of the Indian. The reverse has friction (wear) at the roof area and forward front wall about upper right side of the tree. Low issue # 94 stamped into the rim

M44 1967 Alaska Purchase Centennial-100th Anniversary 1867-1967-Obv. William Seward bust, above his head says "North to the future". Rev. shows a tall Indian totem pole. 63mm and 5.+ oz. of .999 fine, issue # 1154 by Medallic Arts
M45 1968 Illinois Sesquicentennial(1818-1968) struck by Medallic Arts 63mm and 5 oz. of .999+ silver. scanned below, surely there must be a collector around for this beauty. UNC

M46 1968 General Claire Lee Chennault/Flying Tigers-44mm 2oz.+ Medallic Arts .999 issue #905 from a reported 2,500 struck. Obverse shows Chennault in his military Uniform. Reverse is a beauty-Flying tigers(Shark teeth nose) in combat with Japanese Zeros-Air War in China- Burma. The airplanes are fighting over a mountain region, a couple are shot and smoking their way to a crash in the rugged hillsides. Great medal
M46a 1968 ANA Convention- Octagon 44mm The obverse legend reads, BY LAND SEA AND AIR and at the bottom, WHERE CALIFORNIA BEGAN. Depicted is a glider, commemorating John Montgomery s first heavier than air controlled flight. At the center is the Mission San Diego de Alcala and on the lower left is the San Salvador, the flagship of Juan Cabrillo, the explorer. The reverse is ANA seal depicted atop an Atlas missile pointing diagonally upwards to the left. Below the seal is an aircraft carrier, symbolic of San Diego Harbor and the US Navy. Included is a depiction of San Diego s skyline. The legend states, CITY / IN / MOTION. Weighs 42.4 grams. Reportedly only 325 produced, this one #318. Scarce one indeed. I have to add, I was stationed out of San Diego in 1968 also on the Missile Frigate Destroyer USS Dale DLG 19. Just a little more added history. Great looking medal only

M46b 1968 Theodore Roosevelt 44mm Medallic Art .999 silver- 61.6 grams. Hall of Fame Medal. Obverse show Teddy with a Grit Teeth Smile. Below bust years of 1858-1919. Reverse shows Teddy mounted on a grand horse. Around the edge are the words Men Can Never Escape Being Governed. Rim shows issue #531
M46c 1869-1969 Intercollegiate Football Centennial. One side shows the First game being played between Rutgers and Princeton in New Brunswick, New Jersey November 6, 1869. Flip side shows a football player in the old style uniform. Behind him is a wreath and a football field. Wording says: The National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame. Struck by Medallic Arts issue # 260, .999 fine silver and 57 grams almost 2 oz. In its original case of issue. Nice item for a loyal football fan.
M47 1969 American Legion 50 Year Anniv. -this is struck by Medallic Arts, silver Dollar size, shows Spreadwing Bald Eagle with the Legion Crest in the center of his Brest. Reverse shows a sword with "Fifty Years For God And Country"- (1919-1969) #5906 serial number stamped on the edge--UNC
M48 1969 Medallic Arts .999+ silver#1714 July 20 1969 We came in Peace for all Mankind-shows Astronaut climbing down ladder of spaceship, left leg& foot on surface of moon-Rev.-shows father of American Rocketry-Dr. R.H. Goddard with his early invention-63mm.&155.52 grams silver or 5+ troy oz.
M48a 1970 Medallic Arts .999+ silver 1.905 oz. #772 August 6, 1945 The bombing of Hiroshima, Japan / General Curtis E. LeMay Cheif of Staff of the United States Strategic Air Forces during the Bombing. One side showing Gruesome picture of the Bomb being dropped on the city other side with picture of General LeMay. Very Historical medal
M48b 1971 Medallic Arts .999+ silver, right at 2 Oz. Issue #42 Alexander Hamilton-The Hall of Fame of Great Americans-Born at Charles Town, Nevis, British West Indies Jan. 11, 1755. Became Washington's Aid and the close relationship lasted the balance of his short life. Handsome medal
M49 1971 The Conquest of Space-Medallic Arts #173 Astronaut floating in space-flip side shows Man's Dream-Greek Myth fellow with feathers over his arms with sun & rays basking over him 64mm. 180.52 grams silver or just short of 6 oz.
M50 1972 Pioneers of Flight Medallic Arts#344 Busts of Wright Bros.& Lindbergh with rocket blasting off between.Rev. shows Tribute to Apollo-two Astronauts on moonstanding with flag spaceship & Earth in background 63mm.& 186.62 grams or 6oz. of silver
M50a 1972 Duty Honor Country-General Dougalas MacArthur="I Shall Return" artist Paul Calle, who is famous for his Indian art and well as, public figures, the General is seen wading ashore in the Philippines to retake the islands from the Japanese, 66mm in diameter.. a tad under 6 oz. of pure silver, the detail is super. Very very low issue #18.

M51 United Nations 1970 huge 5oz. round. Struck by Medallic Arts with box. Color toning a beauty
M52 Postmasters of America 1971 39mm. The obv. shows whaling ship Charles W. Morgan around upper half of medal says Historic Preservation, rev.-shows Eagle over Postmaster banner -pretty Bu
M53 1623-1973 350th Anniv. of Dover New Hampshire,obv. shows divided in thirds-upper left old colonial home fenced, upper right- old colonial ships with men working around on docks, lower third shows farmer with horse plowing field, rev.- Indians tepee beach doing chores hanging freshly caught fish. this medal is a matte BU- I have been told only 1,000 of these were struck, this one has a # 421& is sterling 39mm.& 39 grams
M53a: (1972) Issue date: Danbury Mint- West Virginia 35th state. Admitted to Union June 20, 1863. Shows Union troops storming a building. John Brown Raid at Harper's Ferry. Then shows a picture of the State of West Virginia. Reverse says: Driven from the US Arsenal he captured at Harper's Ferry, the Anti- Salvery Fanatic John Brown was hanged for murder but immortalized as Martyr to the Abolishonists cause. Over 10.4 ounces of Sterling Silver. Large, thick and heavy. Great item.
M54 1973 Sky Lab 3 silver ingots with blue toning in a blue case-very pretty. I have been told this is a very low mintage 5,000 sets-scarce
M55 1973 William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891), Civil War General(Northern Forces). .999 silver struck by the Medallic Art Company for the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at the New York University. From 1963 until 1975 the Hall of Fame created 96 different medals honoring it's inductees. These medals were created by 42 of the most prominent sculptors in the United States. This medal was sculpted in 1973 by Michael Lantz. It is 44mm in diameter and weighs close to 79 Grams. Very high relief bust then reverse shows a nude soldier on bareback horse with raised sword. Around him are the battle names of Bull Run, Atlanta, Shiloh and Vicksburg. Below the horse shows the date 1973. The medal looks like its ready to fight!
M57 1977 50th Anniversary of first non stop flight "Spirit of St. Louis" New York to Paris 1927-1977. Lindbergh Memorial Fund. Official Commemorative medal- edge engraved International Sterling. Medal weighs 2oz. 50mm size. Prooflike strike too. Picture scanned below

M58 2003 NASA Mars Exploration. Obverse shows the NASA Space logo with the Sun and rays beaming from behind. Around the edge in the frosty area says: UNITED STATES NATIONAL AERONAUTICS & SPACE ADMINISTRATION 2003. Reverse is fantastic looking. It shows the Rover gathering information on the surface of Mars. Off in the distance is the Sun and the planets zipping around the Sun. In the frosty area of the edge it says: MARS EXPLORATION ROVERS- SPIRIT VI-10, OPPORTUNITY VII-7. The rim is reeded but has a flat space with no reeding thats states 5OZ. Ag 166(issue number) housed in a hard plastic case. Scanned below

M59 1991 American Numismatic Association's Centennial Commemorative Medal. America's Premiere Coin Club Celebrates 100 years (1891-1991) with this good looking 40mm Medal. Edge marked .999 Silver- Kneeling Trojan looking soldier holding in one arm, the circular ANA seal with the lamp picture on it. Shining rays flow out of the seal. Reverse shows an eagle in flight with the banner "American Numismatic Association Centennial 1891-1991", Very Nice

Note: This next series of medals came from a set produced by Longines Symponette all are choice examples of historical events that helped shape the United States all are dated in the year of the event and are a Matte type of Uncirculated with very bold high releif images that a person can not help but like. Medals are 40 mm & 40 grms of .925 sterling silver. I was told these were produced in the early 1970s with the #439 stamped in the edge. All rev. have a note of the event with a speadwing eagle hovering over the American flag.
M60 1775 Battle of Concord Bridge-shows colonial troops running to bridge firing on the British soldiers coming across
M61 1779 John Paul Jones-I have not yet begun to fight. shows Jones & his ship the Bonhomme Richard-a converted French Indiaman-42 gunner taking on the British ship Serapis a rather new 44 gunner- apart from the age difference was an even match. Greatest sea battle in American Revolution This medal is a Beauty.
M62 1807 Fulton's Folly-shows a nice scene of this old side paddle wheel steamer with a couple pointing across the river at it. Very nice
M63 1812 Old Ironsides-shows a battle scene of the USS Frigate Constitution pummeling the mighty British ship Guerriere-in flames. Great sea battle scene
M64 1814 The Star Spangled Banner- Composer Francis Scott Key -Shows Key aboard a ship next to a cannon gazing over at fort-McHenry that is being bombarded by Rockets Red Glare?
M65 1836 Alamo-shows Crockett & crew in front of the famous still standing Chapel-waving his longrifle from the barrel at on rushing Mexican troops bodies & smoke people in motion, looks like in the last few minutes of this classic evertold battle.SOLD
M66 1848 Gold At Sutters Mill shows two miners with equipment in background one panning for gold in the stream & other one standing up pointing to open palm of his hand shouting. I wonder why he looks so happy?
M67 1860 The Pony Express shows two men on horseback, one racing up beside the other handing over the mail in front of the station with a man watching them, the mountains are in background. this sort of mail delivery only lasted from 4-3-1860 to 10-24-1861
M68 1931-33 The USS Macon & Acron shows the two blimps in the air-later both crashed at sea during storms. Handsome
M69 1935 China Clipper shows the vintage large prop plane flying over the yet to be completed San Francisco Bay Bridge.
M70 Undated- Lincoln Mint 5oz. Sterling Ingot(Bar) depicting scene of "The Old West" "Gathering the Rope" by Frederic Remington. Wow this is nice!! Scanned below

Note: I bought a small hoard of the ANA & a Few TNA Convention Medals, they are still in their original holders dates range 1960s -1990s. Each set has the large silver dollar size medal also the Bronze-Beautiful sets with super low mintages from a handful to 3or400 sets total minted in any one year. A different city in the USA each year has held this massive coin show.
M71 1961 Montevideo-Feria Italian Industrial Montevideo November 1961 Ministry of the Commerce with L'estero National Institute for the foreign trade-Rome-80mm- 3 1/2 oz. Sterling Silver. Below the word Roma shows the markings. Scanned below- Very nice medal or plaque!

History of Railroad Medals
These silver .999 fine medal Proofs 20grams 40mm were struck in 1998. Each one had a short story about it on a paper flip that comes with the medal.
M72 Adler 1835-Germany
M73 Munchner 1841-Germany
M74 Seraing 1851-Belgium
M75 T3 Schiltach 1892-Germany
M76 Rekolok 18201 1961-East Germany
M77 BJ Beijing 1970s-China
M78 Blue Train- South Africa
M79 Garrat Locomotive(Black Beauty)-South Africa
M80 Best Friend 1830-Charleston, South Carolina. This is the only one that is 8.5 Grams 30mm
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