Antique Paper Items 1
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Checks, currency, stocks, bonds, CDs, bills of lading, shipping orders.
*vig. indicates vignette, picture, or scene.

CK1: Georgia 1918 & 1919 Concord Banking Co. Pink bank building with trolley, autos, and horse carriage. Oval stamp cancel over bank building scene.--$5.50 ea.
CK1a: Georgia 1914 Concord Banking Co. Orange, Eagle w/upraised wings.-- $3.50
CK2: Illinois 1850s Bank of Prophetstown. vig of large train at left. Black on light blue. Unissued with original stub still attached. Very nice old check.--$16
CK2a: Illinois, Chicago 1863-At sight.. pay to the order of... a $5,000.00 in current funds. Great looking business transaction between Chicago and James Rhodes of Providence Rhode Island during the Civil War between the States. I notice one box of cargo on the pier that has written on the side "Honey Dew". Quality looking old note scanned below!--$27

CK2b: Illinois Union Bank of Abington 1882 Black/pink vig. left, head of goddess. Attractive -- $15
CK3: Iowa 1857 Keokuk promissory note. 2 brown tint vig. Indian with bow seated on overlook above town. Also small eagle at bottom. Attractive--$25SOLD
CK3a: Maryland 1876 First Nat. Bank Baltimore, vig. steamship w/masts and 3 men in small boat, lighthouse distance. Black/white with blue Internal Rev. stamp. Very Nice -- $14
CK3b: Massachusetts 1844 Boston Oct. 16 Pay eight months after date $616.46. Great looking old train rolling along with a cargo of people propped up on the top looking out over the landscape. I look close to see the driver of the train standing and steering the comical looking thing down tracks. This has to be a very early train picture. History at your fingertips. There is a tear at the upper left corner. Item scanned below --$33

CK3c: Massachusetts 1876 Atlantic Mutual Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Provincetown, Mass Feb. 23-The First National Bank of Provincetown made out for $19.20--$12
CK3d: Missouri 185- St. Louis Building & Saving Assoc. Original hardback book of checks-8 1/4" x 10 1/2" Very few have been pulled out for use(They were dated 1858). Most all are still intact, three checks to a page. Light blue paper, dark blue ink. Very nice, showing left side vertical a bee hive with bees swarming, an old time steam train billowing smoke and a dog laying by a safe at the bottom. Center bottom of the check shows a dog's head. 26 pages of unused checks, remember three to a page! How can you go wrong at--$125
CK4: Montana 1895 First National Bank of Helena. Fantastic vig of Yellowstone park valley/ old faithful geyser/ hot springs/ falls/ railroad train/ livestock and mountains. Bank failed in 1896. Nice unissued--$13
CK4b: Nevada 1881 State Controllers Warrant, Carson 2 vig. left side prospector w/pick and shoval right side State House w/street scene. Extra lg. fancy border check Black/yellow SHARP, NICE FOR FRAMING -- $33
CK5: Nevada 1930 Reno auto dealer. Red logo of Hudson super 6 and Essex motor cars.--$5
CK6: New York 1835 Cashier of Otsego County Bank, Cooperstown. Vig of eagle in flight with olive branch. Very low issue number, 3. Very plain small size.--$23
CK6a: New York 1853 Ilion Bank Herkimer Co. pay to the order of Dexter White $50.00. 4" x 8" nice and large. Cut cancel middle right. Picture says it all!--$14

CK6b: New York 1862 Ilion Bank Herkimer Co. Adam Passage has deposited in this bank seven hundred Dollars. 3 1/2" x 7"-check out this Civil War vintage picture!--$14

CK6c: New York 1867 Atlantic Bank, Faint green print of naval ship part covered w/revenue stamp --$9
CK7: New York 1871 Pleasant Valley Wine Co. Hammondsport. Green on white with vig on left side of bottles and glasses of wine on grape vines. Issued but uncanceled, refused.--$15
CK7a: New York 1871 To the County Treasurer of New York at the National Broadway Bank. Nice blue on white, scanned below--$12

CK7b: New York 1872 Lanman and Kemp Wholesale Druggist vig. maid w/druggist tools, furnace, retorts etc. Cute purple/white w/orange rev.--$10
CK8: New York 1877 First Nat. Bank, Andes vig. of Hope/anchor and sea coast, Orange imprinted rev. stamp -- $13
CK9: New York 1870s Harlem and Spuyten Duyvil Navigation Co. Vig of large aqueduct crossing a river with steam boat and dock. Blue on white. Unissued, mint cond. Very attractive with stub attached--$21

CK9a: New York 1888 Chateaugay, sight note. Purple on white, Father Time in a race running out of time, hour glass is running. What a super looking note! Great condition, scanned below.--$26

CK9b: North Carolina 1882 Glencoe Mills-W.E. & J. H. Holt, Prop. Company Shops, N. C. Pay to the order of Richmond Stove Co. $16.85. Nice golden colored ink used on this old check. When a person angles the check against a lighted room, the golden ink glows. The train picture is sharp. The check also has a blue revenue stamp in place over another picture. Item scanned below--$12

CK9c: Ohio 1866 European Office of C. A. Adae-Cincinnati, very large note with a port scene of a busy place. Old Steamer with people all around and an old vintage train, horses and buggies, with a nice background of buildings too. All this in the upper right area. Then on the left side are three ladies with one of them.. her hand placed on an anchor. The note is written in German. Reverse endorsed written in English. Some folds, but a beautiful item.--$24
CK10: Pennsylvania 18-- West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Co. on Mechanics Nat. Bank vig. 2 horses pulling trolley at top, fancy frame for stamp on left, Unissued lg. 4�x8 1/2� Red/tan Very attractive WOW! --$26
CK10a: Pennsylvania 1898 Gettysburg-Gettysburg National Bank, left side picture of Monument. Certificate of Deposit. Bottom right corner, very small area torn off. Nice looking document!--$12
CK11: Rhode Island 1852 Providence Tool Co. Bill of lading/shipping order for freight on the Sloop named America going to NY City. Shipmaster B. Sturgess. Black on light blue paper. Sharp. Would make nice display under glass on a desk.--$25
CK11a: Rhode Island, Providence 1884, Sept. 30-receipt from Horace Remington for 93 1/2 pounds of clips, some were gold and some silver. Totaled out to $334.00. I really did not know where to put this item on my site, under gold coins or here on my checks page. The checks won out. The picture sure is great looking too. The building was located on 37 Potter St. I wonder if it still stands today. When I hold the document up to the light it shows the older thin type paper that was used. Over in the very left side by the building are a couple staple hole marks. The item must have been stapled to another document at one time. --$15

CK12: South Dakota 1902 Whitewood Banking Co. Vig of Devil�s Tower National Monument/ Indian on horseback trying to lasso buffalo. Foreground gold label, Drawing on Chase National Bank.--$8.50
CK12a: Tennessee 1851 Memphis Dec. 16, Second of Exchange $1,810.75-Very nice picture of a steamboat-scarce item that is scanned below-$40

CK12b: Tennessee 1859 Bank of Tennessee at Memphis Promissory Note, steamship vig. to left Black/faint pink Nice --$12
CK13: Texas 1875, June 18-John Twohig & Co. Bankers Commerce Street-Pay Twenty Specie Dollars Silver. Also has an orange 2 Cent Internal Revenue stamp in upper right corner showing George Washington profile. Clean and straight--$22
CK13a: Texas 18- Galveston- Pay to the order of--- unissued most of stub shows, pictures of old steamship and train. Lower bottom area shows a blacksmith's anvil. Printers were Cushing & Cave stationers, Galveston. Folded in half at one time. Light green graffiti on the back--$19
CK13c: Texas 1898 Bank of San Antonio National Bank. left side printed Vertical says : Certificate of Deposit, colors are red on tan -made out June 18 1898 and has a large Red stamp in the right center of the paper-"Paid June 22 1898"-total amount was $76.18 It looks older than it is and it is in good condition with the common "X" cancel cut in the center also.--$14
CK14: Texas 192- Dekalb Exchange Bank, vig. corner bank and peo. horses and buggies, Black/dark pink Nice unissued --$9
CH15: Virginia 1875- Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Richmond-Jan. 4th. $832.24 cents. Picture of beautiful blue sailing ship in upper right. Orange 2 cent revenue stamp in upper left area. This note has it all.--$17

Obsolete Banknotes - Broken Banks Currency:
Cu1: Louisiana 1864 $1 vig. Sailing ship at sea in center, left train, riverboat at bottom. F --$18
Cu2: Louisiana 1861 $2 New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern RR, vig. train, these notes were printed on blank sides of other bank notes there was a shortage of good printing paper. This note is a choice AU/unc--$55
Cu3: Maine 1835 $5 Washington Co. Bank, Callais, Mercury on docks w/caduceus ship behind. F--$28
Cu4: Maryland 1855 $5 Valley Bank Haggerstown, center vig. Hope on coast seated/ship in distance, upper left maid w/eagle, lower right maid w/ancient soldier. F--$20
Cu4a: Nebraska Mid 1850s $2 Western Exchange Fire & Insurance Co. Indian standing by his horse spear in hand gazing over the land with a train going by in the distance. Indian relaxing by tent down in bottom right corner-left corner portrait of a man. Nice wild west scene. Average circulated but has small hole below "2" on right side--$25
Cu4b: Nebraska 1855 $5 Western Exchange Fire & Insurance Co. Omaha City. Vig of Riverboat smoke billowing from its stacks, portraits of 2 men at bottom corners. Average circulated but has small hole in the cameo area of the "5" --$25
Cu6: Rhode Island 1808 $5 Farmers Exchange Bank Gloucester, very detailed ornate design for this old lithographed note. Nice clean XF/AU--$80
Cu7: Rhode Island 18-- $1 New England Commercial Bank, Newport, Hope sits on coast gazing at sailing ships at sea, cornacopiea to left farm tools right, green one stamped lower center. Unissued Unc. --$26

World Checks, Drafts, Exchange Notes:
WN1: Antigua, 20 June, 1846, partial printed Exchange Note for 100 pounds sterling from the Island of Antigua. It reads "Exchange 100 pounds Sterling Antigua, 20 June, 1846, Ninety Days after sight of this my first Bill of Exchange, Third and Second of the same Tenor and Date, not paid, Pay to the Order of Wm. Martin, Esq. in London One Hundred Pounds, stlg. Value received, and place the same, with or without further advise, to Account of Mount Pleasant Estate...." The item measures 8" x 4.5" and has only minor wear. I would say this item is scarce--$40
WN2: Buenos Ayres(Argentina) 1841-Zimmermann, Fair & Co.Exchange Note-second of exchange- for $130.00 USA Gold Dollars or equivalent. Nice condition but has been folded--$20

WN3: THE BANK OF BRITISH WEST AFRICA LTD, LAGOS, WEST AFRICA 1897 - Made out for the sum of �5 and dated January 4, 1897. The draft (copy 1) includes several inscriptions and signatures to both the front and back and contains a one penny foreign bill revenue stamp. This area of Africa is now known as Nigeria. Very large 5" x 9 3/4" blue printed on white. The elephant really adds to this beauty!--$35

WN4: Colombia, Bogota 1888 Correos Nacionales Postal Money Order -50 Centavos. Red on white background, with Colombian seal(Eagle over shield with flags). The document has remains of paste on the reverse shows that it had been removed from a scrap book possibly?--$9
WN5: Cuba, Havana July 5 1883-L. Ruiz Y Compa. 2nd of Exchange for 400 Pesos written out to Louisa Walker. Written in spanish, Large note size 4 1/2" x 10 1/2" --$17
WN5a: Guatemala Oct. 1 1867 Second of Exchange for $500 in Gold coin. Left side of this great looking Exchange note shows an old train chugging along with black smoke billowing. Also a smaller picture of an Eagle size of note 4 1/2" x 9 1/4". Very clean and nice looking..rare--$42
WN6: Cuba, Havana Feb. 19 1896 First of Exchange written in Spanish. At eight days sight pay 200 silver Pesos to Luis Bruguera of Valencia. Very large note with a red "1" in the center of the note. Top center shows a small picture of an anchor beside what looks to be a bale of cotton and a wooden barrel beside it also on the beach with a sailing ship off in the distance. Bottom center area shows a blue oval seal stamp with the words "Espana Jerez" in it. There is another pink note pasted to the reverse of this item described, on the back of the pink note is Banco de Espana Recibido Valencia Marzo de 1896 with a very fancy signature of Luis Bruguera. Below the signature ia a very nice purple oval seal with Luis Bruguera Frabicante De Bolas 8 Mar 96 Para Billar- S. Vicente, 44-Valencia, then a red oval with Banco de Espana Valencia printed inside. Very nice condition--$22
WN7: India, Bombay 1870 Large Exchange note for(152 and 16/8 Pounds sterling). It is from Grindlay, Groom & Co. The right side shows a round uncolored embossed stamp with Indian script below the word Stamp "One Anna". Very clean and nice--$22
WN8: Kobe(Japan) 1922 First of Exchange-Pay to the order of Sumitomo Bank Limited the sum of $220 in USA Gold for account of two cases of imitation pearls necklaces shipped by the S. S. Kashima-Maru, to Okuda & Shibagaki Co. in Seattle Washington. This note has a nice Japanese revenue stamp in the left lower corner. More nformation I found was this ship was involved in a USA submaine being sunk in WWII. Found from this site: Grunion (SS-216)- 31 Jul 42-70 killed Sunk by gunfire from torpedoed Japanese transport Kashima Maru; 10 miles north Segula, near Kiska Island, Aleutians. Anyway this information adds to the history of this note. There are three more revenues on the reverse of this item. It is scanned below--$27

WN9: Mexico, Vera Cruz March 25 1871-payment of $2,347.45 in Oro(GOLD)Super nice looking, even has an embossed seal at bottom left edge "Levi & Co. Vera Cruz" Note is number 170. The bad news is the left 1/6th area was ripped clean apart. It has been taped together on the reverse. Middle top shows small tear at the fold. It must have been easily torn because it was printed on such light weight thin paper. Note looks to be printed by a French? named firm J. Manouvrier y P. Snell New Orleans. This is the only one I have ever handeled (seen) , RARE??--$40

WN10: The Bank of Australasia- Auckland(New Zealand) 13 May 1909 Second of Exchange- 30 Pounds. Great looking note with a nice green New Zealand revenue stamp in upper left corner. Picture shows a mountain scene. Reverse also has a red revenue-One Penny-stamp Scanned below--$13

WN11: Bank of New Zealand, Hutt- March 1888-look at the tribal Maori with one standing and the other resting on the ground. Their clothing is really sharp looking...WOW!! Also notice the embossed "One Penny" revenue stamp in the right hand area. This is the only check I have had this old from that great looking place called New Zealand. I was there once and I hope to go back someday. The note is all there, a little browning from age but not bad.--$17.00

WN12: Banco De Arequipa(Peru) Unused note from this bank with the year 187-. Take a look at the super picture! There is a pin hole blemish on the bottom right in the unprinted margin area. Beautiful!--$17

WN13: PERU June 30 1871 Ilo to Moquegua Railway-Enrique Meiggs Lima Check. Its an eye catcher, made out payable to Pedro Cabello in 480 Soles signed by J.B. Hill Superintendente. There is a green 10 centavos fiscal adhesive(stamp). Cashed July 17, 1871--$36
WN14: PERU Oct. 7 1884 Grace Brothers Bill of Exchange- Lima- payable to Tomas Valle $60 Dollars in US Gold. Rather large note, 4" x 10", Green on yellow background. Right side of note shows Lady Commerce(Libertad)? standing with a large # 3(third of Exchange) on a shield in front of her. Far left of the note shows Grace Brothers & Co. Lima & Callo, Peru. Also shows below this is New York, Valparasio and San Francisco. Great looking note, needs to be seen.--$45
WN15: TURKS ISLANDS FRITH BROS. & CO. TURKS ISLANDS- 1st Exchange for $211.88 Sept. 27, 1917 pay to the order of Middleton & Co. the sum of $211.88 Dollars Value received and place to account of Messrs. Adams & Knickle Lunenburg, Nova Scotia-salt shipment per the Schooner Mildred Adams. Signed by Frith Bros & Co. Frith Brothers would deal in salt shipments from Turks Islands. Here is a link showing how the Frith Bros made and used their own Tokens for pay etc. Another fairly large note 4 1/2" x 8 3/4". Nice condition.--$40
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