World Coins 3
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W-255: 1880 H 10 Cents. VG
W-256: 1975 50 Cordobas-KM33-Obv. shows the Nicaragua triangle seal dated below 1975, Subject theme- Rev. shows the USA Bicentennial Liberty Bell dated 1776- 1976. Very scarce Blazing Proof
W256a: 2002 10 Cordobas KM 100- NAUTICA SILVER PROOF 40mm, 27GR. Ibero America series. Obv. National Arms in Circle of Arms. Rev. Sailboat
W257: 1904 5 Centesimos. AU
W258: 1904 10 Centesimos. F
W259: 1904 25 Centesimos. F
W260: 1905 50 Centesimos. This is the very scarce Crown size. This date was heavily melted down in 1931 to start the issue of the Balboas that year. This one a very nice VF
W262: 1773JM Real. decent G
W263: 1783MI Real. AG
W264: 1785 Real. AG
W264a:1688(R) 2 Reales Lima Cob. Well worn but no damage. Date clear but assayer "R" worn off. Not a bad coin at all. Decent Cross too.
W264b: (16)98H 2 Reales Lima Cob with certficate of authenticity, the strike that can be seen is in the higher grade range... scarce too abt VF

W265: 1742(V) 2 Reales cob is well worn shows the upper portions of the date. Looks like a portion of the right angled "L" next to the crosslet part end of the Spanish Cross. If it was a Potosi "P" it would show the rounderd end of the "P" so it only leaves it to be an "L" for the Lima mint. No damage just circulation wear. Good candidate to place in jewelry.
W265a: 1746V 2 Reales Cob, nice full date. Most of date visible on the cross side. Number 6 a bit weak. Nice F
W265b: 1757 JM Pillar 2 Reales, scarce, condition G+
W266: 1772 JM 2 Reales. Scarce key date of series. Decent G
W268: 1779 MJ 2 Reales. G
W269: 1785MI 2 Reales. Better date but too bad only upper portions of the date are visible. Too close to the rim area.
W270: 1795 IJ 2 Reales. G
W271: 1801 IJ 2 Reales. AF
W272: 1802IJ 2 Reales scratch in right field area G
W273: 1806 JP 2 Reales. G
W274: 1807JP 2 Reales AG
W275: 1810JP 2 Reales Lima bust, nice solid coin even shows some facial area. Bust well outlined compared to most low grades that smooth into the coin with no outline in the mid area of the bust. Tough coin G
W277: 1817JP 2 Reales VG
W278: 1819JP 2 Reales VG
W279: 1826 JM 2 Reales. G
W282: 1854MB 4 Reales. Rep. Peruana, very nice high grade, AXF
W283: 1834 MM 8 Reales. F+
W284: 1836 MT 8 Reales F
W285: 1875YJ Dinero(seated Liberty type), nice UNC
W286: 1869YB Sol, Decent BU
W287: 1893TF Sol, Full luster BU
W288: 1894TF Sol, Semi Prooflike(bagmarks can be seen better) obverse UNC/BU
W289: 1895TF Sol, Full Luster BU
Puerto Rico:
W289a: 1896 5 Centavos mount marks on edge. Very popular coins VG
W290: 1877 A 20 Centavos. XF+
W291: 1893/73 So 20 Centavos. VF
W292: 1877 A 50 Centavos. VF
W293: 1893/73 So 50 Centavos. VF+
W294: 1894 50 Centavos F
W295: 1895 Peso. VG
W295b: 1936 5 Bolivares Nice luster UNC/BU
W296: AH1216-1245 Mahmud Shah AH1220(1805) Rupee. Very nice pleasing fancy script smaller size but thick.
W297: AH1375 (1956) 50 Piasters. Very nice one year type coin that represents the evacuation of the British. One side shows Egyptian figure with chains of bondage broken from his wrists. This is a nice large silver crown with .8102oz of silver content (.900 fine). XF/AU
W298: 1896H 50 cents. Scarce, mintage 5,000 F
W298a: 1906H 50 cents. Scarce F
W299: 1962 Dollar. BU
South Africa:
W300: 1892 Shilling VG
W301: 1894 2 1/2 Shillings VF
W302: 1895 3P edge ding VG
W303: 1895 2 1/2 Shillings VG
W304: 1896 3P VF
W305: 1896 6P VG
W306: 1896 6P F
W307: 1896 Shilling F
W307a: 1896 2 Shillings AXF
W308: 1897 3P VF
W309: 1897 6P VF
W310: 1897 Shilling F
W311: 1897 Shilling VF+
Southern Rhodesia:
W312: 1932 6 Pence-first year of type, very nice toned hard to find XF
W313: 1935 Shilling- full luster-nice, trifle bit of bag marks on eagle's wing area. I will call AU+
W314: 1936 Shilling with mint luster showing but more tone on the obverse. The reverse has a better eagle wing than the one above. This one not as brilliant. It has to be AU
W315: 1937 Shilling, nice frosty luster.. has tone starting to develop on reverse in the lettering around the rim area. Beautiful UNC
W316: 1932 2 Shillings great looking VF or so
Indian States:
W317: Bundi VS1980/1923AD Rupee. VF
W318: Jaisalmer Regal Issue Frozen year 22. Queen Victoria 1862-76 Rupee. As struck with mint luster, nice
Indo China:
W319: 1888A Piastre mint luster, better date what more can be said. Tough in this condition AU
W321: Ichibu Gin Circa 1837-54 Tempo silver ingot coin. These are very popular and I really like them too. This one VF

New Guinea:
W322: 1935 thru 38 Shillings. BU
Saudi Arabia:
W323: AH1370 Riyal. BU
Will add some later
W325: 1954 50 Francs.BU
W326: 1769 Christian VII Daler(Crown size), mintmaster HSK. Very pleasing very scarce. Obv. Crowned double C7 monogram. Reverse super looking coat of arms. Uncleaned but it does look to have been in jewelry long ago. I see two areas on either side of the C7 monogram close to the rim area. When the mount was removed it left a dark area on each side of the coin, not bad though. Almost looks like old tone spots.The outside rim area looks like it has been sliding around in a holder. It is scratched all the way around from the friction of the holder it was placed in. No dents or bumps or bangs. Very nice looking coin. Something that does not come my way, only coin I have like this. Condition wear wise lots of detail, probably F+
. France:
I will be working on this area soon.
German States:
W327: Bavaria 1843 1/2 Gulden, tiny rim mount on reverse 12:00 F
Great Britian:
W329: 1890 3 Pence. Very nice BU
W330: 1758 6 Pence. Pleasant original toned Uncirculated-very nice with all colors of tone
W331: 1816 6 Pence. G
W332: 1820 6 Pence. AF
W333: 1824 6 Pence. F
W334: 1723SSC Shilling. These were struck from silver provided by the South Sea Company G
W337: 1816 Shilling. UNC full mint luster
W338: 1817 Shilling. VG
W340: 1869 Shilling. G
W341: 1707E 1/2 Crown. Popular Queen Anne Series, weakness in center of reverse but has full rim. This coin will grade G
W342: 1816 1/2 Crown. G
W343: 1819 1/2 Crown. VG
W345: 1819 Crown. G+
W346: 1889 Crown. VG
W347: 1890 Crown. F
W348: 1892 Crown. F
W349: 1805 10 Pence Bank of Ireland Silver Token. Quality uncleaned item in VF
Italian States:
W350: Naples & Sicily 1753 60 Granos. Good looking coin- scarce VG
W350a: 1800M(Milan) Crocione Kronenthaler Francisco II. This coin books high in all grades. Its listed as "Rare" Please check out the book on this coin. VF
W351: 1866 2 1/2 Gulden F+
W351a: 1868 2 1/2 Gulden, with loop attached to rim for wearing coin F
W351b: 1871 2 1/2 Gulden F
Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia):
W352: 1802 1/16 Gulden- Rev. without inner circle-this coin circulated as a colonial coin of the Netherlands in the East Indies. There was a lot of trade in Spices in this region. This coin is Very Nice , it has the picture of a sailing ship sails taking wind streamers flowing. The reverse shows the Netherlands crest-a crowned shield with the Lion inside. It has a trace of wear with natural uncleaned tone, a real beauty, nice very scarce one year type collectible coin. XF
W353: 1802 1/8 Gulden-very nice gleaming tone AU
W354: 1802 1/4 Gulden toned VF
W355: 1669 Charles II Milled Merk, nice coin with lots of detail, scarce

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