19th Century Shipping Papers
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DD20: March 11, 1817 Brig. Prueva(written in Spanish and translated) 262 leather hides imported from Argentina(Buenos Ayres)-hides have been carried to Trieste aboard the Brig Prueva, Captain Antonio Badia. The seller looks to be Pedro Villar and the shipper was Martin Cupart. Document details the cost of the hides, Captain's fee, unloading costs, brokerage commissions and customs duties. Nice condition. Early trade paper from South America. I do not get many documents as this from Spain during this time period.--$47

DD20c: March 16, 1821 Handwritten full page invoice of 26 Hogsheads of Santa Croix Rum from Charleston, South Carolina to New York on the Schooner Orb. Great example of the rum trade!--$33

DD21:June 10, 1826 Van Diemans Land- Probably a lot of you have never heard of this name and where it is located. Think.....got it yet? OK think south of Australia! Yes it is Tasmania! South of Tasmania you are on your way to Antarctica! Well before it was renamed Tasmania the Dutchman Able Tasman discovered this place in 1642 He was an explorer for Holland that you do not hear much about. He took all his accounts back to Holland and kept them kind of secret. Anyway finally this needed info came to the light of day and that is how Tasmainia got its name now. This interesting payment note for $480 (Spanish dollars) to R. Willis. I looked his name up and it seems he was in the Parliament there. Van Diemans Land was for sending convicts. Britain did not want them or need them so they banished them here. There was a shortage of cash Pounds Sterling in this region so it was proclaimed: The use of Spanish Dollars(Silver coins- large crown size Spanish milled 8 Reales-trade coin of the world at that time), and smaller silver coins was authorized by Govt. Order of the Lt-Governor in The Hobart Town Gazette 11 March 1826. This example is a low issue #210 dated 10 June 1826, not long after the Govt. Order. RARE Very Early � the Bank of VDL founded only in 1824. $310

DD21a: June 19, 1830 Brig "Hyperion" Senior Dn Pedro del Campo, please to pay to Meddleton, Still, & Co. one thousand hard dollars and deliver them one hundred and fifteen Spanish quintals (about 46 kilograms or 101 pounds). and sixty pounds of coffee for account of Brig. Hyperion and in payment of an obligation from Capt. Ezekiel Bonney to P. W. Lovie of Gibralter, for the total sum of one thousand nine hundred and twenty five hard dollars said obligation bearing date in Gibralter 19th day of June 1830. Size 4 3/4" x 8". Left upper corner is missing but nice old document anyway.--$32

DD21b: April 9, 1831 ship "Coliseum" taking a cargo of 800 Doubloons(Gold Coins) from Boston to Havana Cuba. They are bagged up with the letters WAH written on the bag. It stands for William A Hayden. The Doubloons will be in his pockets soon! On the reverse it is stated: Havana May 13 1831-received the within Eight Hundred Doubloons Signed William A Hayden. The bill of lading has a very smart image of an old sailing ship with colors flowing. Here is the info I found already on this vessel and the Captain. Other papers relating to this document are at the Louisiana State archives. http://www.lib.lsu.edu/special/findaid/w4740.html The ship is named in those papers & also this Captain Daniel Winsor. Very interesting life he led. Document size 5 1/4" x 8 3/4". You can see a corner gone upper right, still a great collectible item about gold coins used in trade.--$155

DD21c: Jan. 17, 1832 Large 14" x 20" Articles of Agreement -It is agreed between the Master, Seamen, or Mariners of the Brig. Hyperion, Ezekiel Bonney, or whoever may go Master, now bound from the port of Barcelona to St. Thomas (Danish West Indies), via other ports. Then it shows eight men's names handwritten listed and their jobs on the vessel. Bonney-Master, N. c. Harris, George McKenzie-mate, Thomas Nelson-2 mate and others. From being folded the document has a hole in upper third area. Still would look very nice framed and hanging on a wall. --$35

DD21d: June 22, 1833 Ship Chancellor with a cargo of four puncheons of rum leaving New York going to Marseilles, France. Shipped by Baldwin & Co to John Rogers & Co. paying the freight of six dollars per puncheon in Spanish Dollars or their equivalant. Very nice condition--$39

DD21f: Feb. 24, 1834 Providence (Rhode Island), 7 3/4" x 12 1/2", account sheet for Providence ship builder Isaac Ellis to William R. Bowers & Co., includes notations for the ships "Harmony" (sloop), "Joseph & Mary" & "Comet" (schooners), "Providence" & "Lafayette" (sloops), and "Roundout" (Brig), includes items such as: tar, rope, pitch, "Cash paid at Custom House," etc. Folds overall decent. --$40

DD22: Oct. 1, 1834 Philadelphia 2 3/4" x 7" Moyamensing Bank James Barker, Collector of the Port of Philadelphia has deposited to the credit of The United States, seven thousand five hundred dollars & 53/100 cents. Looks as if this receipt was attached to something else(paper or document) at one time. There is a red portion of attachment still visible on top left side where is was wrinkled. Lower right area shows a small lost portion rip on the corner. Here is a link to this bank from back in this era. The water colored picture is from 1839 by an artist. https://libwww.freelibrary.org/digital/item/45269 --$16.50

DD22a: August 13, 1834 Brig. Globe (2 document lot) The first folds open 10" x 16". Solomon Corner Super Cargo in association with L.G. Ferreira. The manifest lists 853 barrels of sugar, 200 bales of flour, keg of tobacco, 50 hams, and other misc. Endorsed on reverse, account current with L.G. Ferreira Brig. Globe. The second paper is a 7.5" x 13" freight list. Shows names of shippers of barrels, half-barrels, and boxes. Mentions out of house to Rio de Janeiro and to Rio de la Plata and back. J.S. Mathison Master -- Brig . Globe. very nice paper lot of trade in the Brazil and Uruguay areas of South America.--$62

DD23b: Oct. 23, 1835 Kingston, Jamaica- Invoice of Sundries shipped by Caten Tyrrell on board the Brig Pilot-Capt. Mansides bound for Philadelphia. Cargo states: 284 bags and 26 barrels of Pimento, 3 barrels and one pack of Tortoise shell also a very good well known wood -Lignan Vitae. This invoice has the official circular revenue that is partially readable. One word well seen is the word Jamaica. There is another stamp in the upper left corner. Picture of an Eagle with arrows, cannot make out the lettering. Interesting item on cargo from Jamaica!--$50

DD23c: Nov. 9-14, 1835 handwritten account sheet for a sale at auction of some cargo of potatoes, onions and sundries from American Schooner Morning Star, Master John Fisher from Rhode Island. The auctioneer was Avery Adderley. It goes on to state the Schooner put into port of Nassau, Bahamas under distress from Rhode Island in her passage to Apalachicola(Florida), sold by order of the West Indies Consul 14 November 1835--$40

DD26: April 16, 1845 printed form handwritten entries. Shipped in good order and well conditioned by Brothers Kulenkampff on board the good Barque called the Caroline whereof Volkmann is master of present voyage lying in the port of Bremen(Germany) and bound for New York to say HK 20, one boxes of merchandise 36.2 contents unknown not accountable for damage. Dated in Bremen April 16 1845. This is a stunning paper it is very thin type stock. There is a beautiful old sailing ship up in the left corner in rough seas coming into port, this is a nice German nautical paper that I do not see much of 6X 11"
Nice and framable--$48

DD27: June 16, 1845 5" x 9.5" Nice ENGLISH FORM shipped on vessel called Southerner. Palmer is master. Lying in port of Liverpool bound for New York. Cargo is eighteen boxes of merchandise to Abraham Bell & Son-contents unknown-this form has ENGLAND's Embossed nice crown shield design stamped in unprinted left side of form. Reverse has circle ink stamp-crown Liverpool-11-3-45. Very nice BRITISH collectible-$28

DD28: July 31, 1845 5.75"x 10" printed form handwritten entries also has a nice Vig of a sailing ship upper left top. Shipped in good order and condition, by Freeman & Whitney on board the good Schooner called the Bounty whereof Wilson is Master of the Present voyage, now lying in the Port of Remedios and bound for Boston. The cargo mentions 19,800 gallons Molasses,100 gallons of Honey, a quantity of wood and some copper and to round it out it states "Five Spanish Doubloons" Dated at San Juan de Los Remedios. Good looking paper needs some frame around it.--$52

DD30 March 7, 1846 5.5"x10.5" same form as above. On board ship called Victoria. Morgan is master. New York bound for London 92 casks of cheese, one hundred seventy five kegs of lard-shows what items cost in shipping-$14

DD30a Sept. 17, 1846 5.5"x10.5" same form as above. On board ship called Sheridan, Cornish is Master, New York bound for Liverpool nine thousand four hundred sixty seven bushels of Wheat, shows what charges there are per bushel, quantity all on board in the middle--$14

DD31 Oct. 5, 1846 6"x10.5" (same form as above) ship called Taralinta. Smith is master. cargo 424 brls. of flour, New york bound for Liverpool- $14

DD35 Oct.18, 1851 4.5"x8' Black on blue printed form-handwritten entries has a 1"x1.5" vig. of sharp looking sailing ship-under it says printed by Young's Press. Shipped in good order by Providence Tool Co. on board Sloop called Pointer, Fowler master, now in harbor of Providence bound for New York- cargo Box for Hubbard& Blake, Vt. & thirteen kegs for Wm. Burke Rochester, N. Y. Endorsed on rev.-N.Y. Oct.18-51 Nice displayable paper $22.00

DD36 Nov. 8, 1851 Same form as above- Sloop called Rhode Island- Monroe master-cargo Two kegs & one box merchandise for J.C. Child Rochester, N.Y. rev. endorsed NY Nov. 8 1851

DD37 Jan. 22, 1852 same form as above-Sloop called Roger Williams, Rodes master, cargo-five kegs merchandise for Hall & Moses-rev. endorsed Jan. 22/52 $22

DD37b Jan. 21, 1854 New York-Sight Draft-Pay to the order of Levi Gilchrist of Ship Rochambeau. This old sight draft has a very nice looking vignette of an old sailing ship over on the left side. $15

DD37c Feb. 1, 1854 Merchants Bank check New Bedford, Mass. Pay to Steven Andrews $149.66. Signed by a famous Whaling Ship financier and the Director of the bank. Owner of several Whale ships he owned including The Mermaid and the Andrew Hicks. This man left his mark in the Whaling industry. Clean, the left margin looks to be a sailing Whale ship, nice old check --$22

DD38a Aug. 2, 1854 Bought of French Sisson & Co. Dealers in Sperm, Lard and Whale Oil-Sperm and Stearine Candles. Particular attention paid to the selection of Pure Sperm Oil for oiling machinery. Dated in Providence, Rhode Island, the bill is $26.33 for a barrel of Whale oil. Very nice historical document 4 1/4" x 7", nice condition too. Item scanned below--$30

DD38b June 17, 1857 Shipped in good order and well conditioned by Thomas Musgrave in upon the good ship called Phoenix whereof William King is Master of present voyage now riding in the port of St. John(Antigua) and bound for Liverpool. Three Hogsheads and five barrels of Muscavado sugar(a type of unrefined brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor). Sugar in account and risque of the shipper. There is a nice picture of a sailing ship in left upper on document. Issued in Antigua and signed by Master William King Size 5 1/4" x 10 1/4" --$37

DD 38c 1854 Scribner's Ready Reckoner and Log Book for Ship Builders, Boat Builders and Lumber Merchants-3 1/2" x 4 3/4" pocket book -Contents show Scantling table, board measure, plank measure, square timber, round timber reduced to square, spar timber, logs reduced to inch-board measure, table of standard logs, wood measure, prices of wood per cord, table of wages per month, rent, or other expenses, per week of six days and seven days, railraod distances, interest table. All this in this hardback pocket book. Covers are there but well used binding intact.! 72 pages total. Its a wonder who might have used this old guide. Condition G+--$30

DD39 Oct. 26, 1858 Shipped in good order and well conditioned by W & C Dickerman on board the Bark called R.A. Allen whereof ---- is Master now lying in the port of New York and bound for Savannah, Ga. -To say Carriage Box, boxes of wheels three pts. in straw...one small rockaway (looks like a cargo of buggy parts). It goes on to state that a Mr. William Limine Rail Road agent is to pay freight. This is a good looking item, it is a printed form , handwritten entries. Upper left corner shows an attractive sailing ship underway. The reverse shows endorsement William Limine- Bark R. A. Allen -Oct 26 1858- Size 7X8 1/2"--$23

DD40 Bill of Sale 1860s -Unused: What a find, this is a complete bill of four pages, 81/2 X14". At the very top it says-Bill of Sale of Enrolled Vessel Sold by C. K. Darling, Stationer, No. 15 Exchange Street, Boston. Below this is a nice Vignette of a Lady setting on a cargo of goods,barrels and Bales behind her,she is holding a staff with an anchor at her feet. Right behind all this is a sailing ship waiting for load, in the distance is another ship sailing with sails taking wind. Below this picture is stated in very nice old style Calligraphy "To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come", Greetings: Know Ye, That... it goes on to state everything about this ship being sold-tonnage, name, sum of lawful United States Money, bargin and sold, descriptions of the ship, on page two it shows at the top a nice Eagle with a shield in front holding the banner- E Pluribus Unum-, below this is all kinds of legal printing-then where it is to be signed it says -In Testimony Whereof,_____ the said ____ have hereunto set______hand and seal this ______day of _________in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and sixty__ signed sealed and delivered in the presence of________.
the last page shows Bill of Sale with a rectangle showing Custom house , recieved for record ,_____ 186-, recorded, book,_______ page_____
Register of sales transfers. Then another page consisting of a Quit Claim Deed or a release written in the same nice old style writing-there is much printed on this form also-Know All Men by These Presents-nice documents-they survived well, but is slightly ragged down at the bottom on the right side, not bad ---$40

DD40a June 30,1860 Ship Westminister from Bombay, India to Cape Town, South Africa. " Received of CAPT. R.A. WARNACK the sum of sixty dollars & eighty seven cents being amount of wages due to me as 1st Officer on Board the ship WESTMINISTER from Bombay to this port, and in full of all demands against the said ship and the Master & Owners thereof. $60.84 B.F. CLARK " Document size:8 by 9 7/8 inches. Has original folds. Easy to read with bold black period ink. Paper is a woven period type paper that is in good shape.--$23

DD41 Feb. 15, 1861 London -John Jeffrey & Co.(Scottish Brewers of Ale etc.), 100 casks, on the Ship called the Tallentire, Parsell=Master, riding at Anchor in the West India docks bound for Berbice, (British Guiana). Upper left of this bill of lading says James Thomson & Co. Ship & Insurance Brokers-6. Billiter Square. London. Stamped over this is an embossed revenue stamp Six Pence. Very nice very scarce item --$77.00

DD41a Jan. 31, 1862 Antigua-Light blue bill of lading, shipped in good order and well conditioned by B. Musgrave in and upon the good ship called the Francis Milly, Master for voyage is W. Eynon and nowe riding in the port of St. John and bound for London. To say Three Hogsheads of Muscavado(brown) Sugar on account and risk of the shippers. Dated: Antigua Jan. 31, 1862. Very nice clean document, upper left margin shows a sailing ship at sea. Below the ship picture is initials "BM" 3 Hogsheads Sugar--$49

DD42 Sept. 19, 1863 New York Dry Dock Company pay $17.84 picture of old sailing ship in dry dock for repairs. I did not know whether to list this nice note on my "Checks" page or here in 19th Century shipping papers. Well you see this page won. The old note was printed by John H. Duyckinck, Stationer, 164 Pearl St. It also has a cancellation cut in center areas. Nice item---$22

DD43 June 14, 1866 Bill of Lading by W. I Burgess on the Schooner called "Ida Della Torre" from the port of New York going to Port Lavaca, Texas. Looks like cargo is bedsheets and some other goods. There is an old orange two cent revenue stamp on this too. The bill measures 6" x 10 1/2" inches. Mr. Walker Hensley is the recipient of the items. N.L. McCready & Co., 20 South St., New York handled shipment. The scan below says it all. I do not see many items pertaining to the small town of Port Lavaca, Texas--$65

DD44 Oct. 27, 1869 Bill of Lading for the shipment of forty three stoves to be delivered to the agents of the ABRAHAM LEVI COMPANY of Victoria, Texas from the schooner "Julia A. Rider", departing New York for Lavaca, Texas(now Port Lavaca)...Size 5 1/2" x 11", folds, very good condition, with a rubber stamp of McCready shipping company applied. Shipment to a company owned by Abraham Levi, a prominent Texas Jewish leader, merchant and banker in south eastern area of the Texas coast--$73

DD45a 1871 Apr. 11 New York- Schooner Lucy Hammond & Owners rent on Chronometer for 4 months and 2 days from Dec. 9th 1870 to Apr. 11, 1871 with total due $24.40. Reverse of this nice old Billhead is the info written out again. Nice old Billhead size 4 1/2" x 8 1/2"--$23

DD46 1873 Mar. 29 Indianola, Texas- D. Sullivan & Co. Wholesale Grocers, port town of Texas on the Gulf Coast.Finding documents as this on old Indianola, Texas is difficult(rare). This one dated in 1873 a little before the massive Hurricane that wiped the town out in September 15, 1875. After trying to rebuild it was later completely crushed by another Hurricane August 19 1886. It leveled the coastal town on the Texas Gulf Coast. Indianola was a major port that rivaled Galveston with a population of 5,000. Before the disaster in 1875 it was a major entry port to many German families coming to Texas to settle. The port received cargoes of camels, part of the US Army Camel Corps experiment to replace horses and mules as the primary pack animal in the southwestern parts of the country. Anyway that failed out west and years later there was a man that was out in a remote area where the camels had roamed under the US Army and spotted a lone surviving camel fending for itself. That was the probably the last camel alive which was never seen again. There is a Historical marker at the location of where the town had been located. Document scanned below--$47

DD48 1873 Dec. 4-Schooner "Sea Dog" with Allen Master -nice variety cargo shipped by A. H. Solomon & Co- from New York to Falmouth, Jamaica. Some of the cargo listed is printed here. 100 barrels of pork, 120 barrels of crackers, 40 hlf barrels beef, 30 hlf barrels of pig tongues, 150 kegs butter, 10 boxes tobacco, 3 cases tobacco, 25 bags black eye peas, 2 bales of hops, 100 boxes of candles, box of snuff, 2 cases of drugs, 2 cases of glassware, 5 barrels of pitch and much more cargo listed. Bill of lading in nice shape and also one in demand going to Jamaica!!--$39

DD49 1874 Oct.5 Shipbuilder's Billhead Letter-N. Y. Vig. of Sailing Ship Steamer upper left, center top: Office of Jacob Baker, Ship Smith & Manufacturer of Wrought Iron & Forgings of Every Description, 440 East Tenth St., near Avenue D
This letter issued by Jacob Baker & contained a check for $400.00 for work done by S. Guildersleeve & Son, shipbuilders in Connecticut. Text in part reads "Enclosing Check $400.00 work done on Schooner ADA SHORTLAND", signed "Respectfully Jacob Baker". This paper is in very nice condition-"NEEDS FRAMING"--$35

DD50 Oct. 17, 1874 Vey large Document..Cleared by Philadelphia and Charleston Steamship Line-Manifest of Cargo on board the Steamship Equator-Joseph Hinckley Master bound from Philadephia to Charleston South Carolina Oct. 17 1874. Many items listed, here are a few. Whiskey, Vinegar, bundles of Rods, Confectionery, Bag of Corks, Mince Meat, Sheet Iron, Paints and much more. In columns it shows the marks and numbers, also the shippers of the items. Very well easily read. The reverse area shows clear tape where it has been weak and coming apart. Tape is over an area of blank paper. Also on reverse it says: Naval Office Port of Philadelphia dated Oct. 17 1874 blue circular stamp. Nice looking document!--$30.

DD51 Sept. 25, 1876 8 1/4" x 10" "OPIUM" shipment by Steamer, 2 pages one blue and one white, HERBERT FLEMING BAXTER of LONDON make oath and declare that I am with my partners the owner of the goods, wares, or merchandice in the annexed invoice statement...printed sheet goes on to say the opium will arrive in the port of Philadelphia. Second half of printed blue sheet shows Consulate-General of the United States of America-London. Joshua Nunn Deputy- Councul of the United States of America for Great Britain and Ireland at London, do hearby certify that on this date 25th day of September AD 1876 the within invoiced # 2996 in which are mentioned and described certain OPIUM in value of British Pounds. The Counsul afixed the Stamp of approval uniting the two pages together with a great looking round seal of the US Eagle surrounding are the words: United States Counsulate General London. The signer is Adam Budeau.The Opium is shipped to: Powers and Weyhtman. The second white sheet has the 10 cases of Turkey Opium numbered. Great historical find item . The first page or blue page is rough 3" at the very top but most everything needed is there to read.--$110

DD52 June 15, 1882-Philadelphia- Billhead Jonathan May & Sons, Ship Chandlers and Grocers. The nice upper left corner of a masted sailing ship goes on to show Captain Metcalf of the Brig. Annie Batchelder has purchased two pair of handcuffs. I really do not think he wanted them because he thought they were beautiful. Nice document 7" x 8 1/2" with a strange purchase.--$32

DD53 1883 Galveston, Texas Legal Brief-Nautical -Schooner Leon, C. M. Holden- owner, A. Steinhart Captain. Appeal from the County Court of Calhoun County. 7 page pamphlet printing about on the 23 August 1881 Peter Soper working on board the Schooner Leon laboring at $30 per month. He worked on the Schooner until Dec. 2 1881. It goes on to say Mr. Soper demanded his pay owed to him-$100 at Mr. Holden's store in Fulton, Texas. Mr. Holden replied he had no money to pay him with. Anyway it goes in detail what else happened. This little pamphlet has dark pink page covers, decent condition, never had one of these before...--$57

DD53a Feb. 1, 1885 Charleston, South Carolina Billhead-F. Kressel, JR., Ship Chandler and Grocer. Steamer St. Helena & Owners purchase Hank Twine and Manilla Rope for $16.05. The 4 1/2" x 8 1/2" document has a sharp looking sailing ship picture in the left area.--$23

DD54: July 26, 1889 Charter Bank of India Australia China Batavia Exchange note 1st of exchange. Low issue #30 issued from Anjer to Scott Raindew & Co.for 107.99 Guilders value received and charge the same to account of the American ship Henrietta to the Agents China & Japur Trading Company Shanghai. There is another note printed form pinned to the back of this Exchange note it says: Memorandom from Charter Bank India Australia and China-Shanghai 10 Sept. 1889 to the China & Japur Trading Co. per Henrietta the enclosed bill 107.99 Guilders. Please send check AC Henrietta. I purchased this from a man back in 1999 that had a furniture restoration business. He bought a desk and this old Exchange note was still in a drawer! That was how he got it. It has a fold from being folded for years but this is a very rare item. Never seen one like it and I do know the Bank Currency notes from this area of Java or Indonesia are very high priced. I would bet that this is even more rare. When a transaction like this was done this was usually thrown away or like this item it was salted away in a desk drawer and forgotten. Rare item in complete condition!--$127

DD54a: 1891 National Bank of Tasmania Fixed Deposit Receipt for �20 Scarce! Superb vignettes of whale, sailing ship with Cornucopia on dock. Interest at 5% for 12 months. Issued at Stanley. Watermark "SAUNDERS 1889" Printed by Sands & McDougall Limited Melbourne. Size 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" What a scarce item!--$89

DD55: 1895 New York & Texas Steamship Company Pass. Dark blue on light blue card stock. No. 602 You see a picture of an old Steamship looking through a ship Porthole window. No bends on this nice item. Rare and Sharp!!--$77

DD56 Spanish American War: 1899 Sailor's letter from Cuba-Nuevitas Cuba May 14 1899: Letter from a US sailor to his sister Annie, he left San Juan the 8th and arrived here the 12th. We are looking after 2 sunken Spanish gunboats that were sank here a year ago. This port is about 10 miles in from the sea. Natives of this place look like wild savages, will stay here a week. Week ago we were in a Cuba port(bad spelling on this port)pretty place everything was cheap-(he speaks of low priced fruit) He goes on to say he wears white clothes to combat the heat. He signs George A Higgins-USS Machias-in care of the Navy department Washington D C. -He adds on back-"Here is some Puerto Rico money you can keep for a relic". There is no cover for this 2 page letter witten on front and back. In the folds.. starting to tear. The USS Machias PG-5 a Schooner rigged gun boat saw action in this war with Spain- Great history relic!--$60

DD57: 1914 Clyde Steamship Company (Coastwise Lines) Pass. Black print on tan background, Red 1914, also issue number C794 in red. Under the red year of 1914 shows the Clyde white flag with blue border and red "C" in center. Very nice condition--$22

GROUP LOTS: Please let me know if a group lot of several all different ship bills of lading of my choice would be of interest.

I have recently purchased a group of shipping papers written in Italian mostly. Insurance documents, also Exchange Notes dated in 1850s & 60s. I will list some as I get the time.

DD58 HMS Redwing 1812 August 28-Malta -Account of sales of 6 cases of coral captured by his Majesty's Sloop Redwing EA Down Commander on the 14th & 28th August 1810, and sold for the benifit of the captors. This document goes on to show the cases of coral, that were auctioned. It even lists the auction duty, advertisement, brokerage of the sale and recovery of the money.. The reverse shows Account of sales of 6 cases of coral, paid August 27th 1812. I looked this ship up on the net: Redwing was mainly employed in protecting British trade in the Gibralter area from Spanish gunboats and Privateers. The Sloop was in several sea battles and even lost crew members in the fights. Nice real item of history in great shape. There is a sharp looking large watermark seal in the paper as it is folded out that says, Budgen & Wilmott 1811 with a lion in an oval standing on his legs.--$110

I am looking where to place the papers I have on US sailing Warships: The sailor in financial troubles on the Frigate BRANDYWINE, and the two best ones, a comparison between the US Navy ships during the Revolution and the ones in 1831 as this paper is written, lists the ships above all readable even has printed about the British warship JAVA(defeated by the USS CONSTITUTION-Old Ironsides) captured but not worth repairing. The other my favorite, 1825- a Pay order notice of a payment past due to Commodore David Porter a distinguished officer who commanded the USS ESSEX in the war with England 1812. ESSEX put up a fight against the two English warships PHEOBE & the CHERUB off the coast of Chile in 1813. Outgunned ESSEX did not surrender until so much loss of life , a majority of her crew and the massive damage the ship took in the pounding, with no one left to man the cannon, riddled with cannon shot and dead in the water, she finally took her colors down. In a tribute to this ship as you come in to my home page you see an original drawing of a ship-"ESSEX" These are not cheap papers but are items to consider if you want something that no one else has.

DD60 20th Century World War II Navy looking coffee cup and saucer. I just had to show this item even though this page is for earlier items. Take a look at the sailor shouting out the word "Coffee". I see an old Battleship in the background. Below the sailor bust is written in gold "Navy Brand". The backside of this great looking vintage (1940s?) cup shows the firm that was promoting this super looking collectible. Everything written in gold. The cup and dish with the same logo look to be made of China? It does not say anywhere that I can read. It is surely breakable if dropped. Both show some wear of being used for drinking coffee? I have never seen anyone else offer an item like this so I will ask what I think it is worth to me.--$35

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