Mexican Republic
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Decimal Coins of the Mexican Republic
5 Centavos:
MD1 1878--ZsS - VF
MD2 1880--HoA F++ very nice with mintage low mintage of 43,000
MD3 1886--HoG - G
MD4 1886--ZsS - Toned UNC
MD5 1888--CnM - F
MD6 1889--GoR - F Bend but scarce for Go Mint
MD7 1889--PiR - G
MD8 1890--GaS - G
MD8a 1891--CaM - AU with mint luster
MD9 1892--CaM - XF this is low mintage and the bonus is the 9 over inverted 9 variety can be seen clearly. Reeding on the edge gone in an area. Has not been mounted.
MD10 1892--MoM - CHBU Semi PL This is very nice!
MD11 1893--HoG - G
MD12 1894--HoG - AF
MD13 1897--GoR - AU dirty dark tone but it looks great
MD14 1904--CnH - UNC

10 Centavos:
MD16 1869/7 P - AG Km 402.1 Variety, very rare 4,900 minted
MD16a 1871--ChM - VG very low mintage of just 8,150
MD17 1871--GaC - VG Rare mintage 4,734
MD18 1873--GaC - F+
MD18a 1874--AsDL - VG Another tough one
MD19 1874--HoR - F this is one tough coin
MD19a 1874--PiH - VG better date for sure
MD19b 1878--DoE - VG Really rare with partial mintage of 2,500
MD19c 1878--HoA - VF+ very nice and scarce
MD19d 1879--HoA - F Tough, this books higher in all grades
MD20 1880-- ChG over small g- F+ with a super low mintage of just 7,620 where is another one?
MD20a 1881--HoA - VF low mintage-high grade
MD20b 1882/1--HoA - VF+
MD21 1883--AsL - AG scarce too
MD21a 1884/83 ChM VF Couple nicks in rim, nice coin
MD22 1884--GoS - AG
MD23 1884--HoM - VF high grade scarce one
MD24 1884--AsL - F another tougher date
MD24a 1885--HoM - VF+ very tough date and mint lots of detail
MD24b 1886--HoG VF find one of these, forget book, mintage 10,000
MD25 1887--CaM - XF very nice strike
MD25a 1887--DoC - VG
MD26a 1888--PiR - VF
MD26b 1889--CnM - VF $12.75 Good looking low mintage date
MD26c 1889--HoG - G
MD27 1889/7--PiR - XF
MD27a 1889--ZsZ - UNC nice full luster strike. Some light bag marks in field area of 10 Centavos side. Scarce this nice
MD27b 1890--AsL - VF
MD27c 1890--ChA - AU This coin has the luster on it also
MD27d 1890/80--ChA -Bold XF
MD28 1890--HoG AXF
MD28a 1891--GoR/G - XF tiny edge nick reverse at 5:30
MD28b 1891--MoM - AU with luster bleeding from under the darker tone
MD28c 1892--HoG - VF nice coin with a mintage of just 66,600
MD29 1892--HoG - G
MD30 1893--CaM - UNC with luster
MD32 1893--HoG - G
MD33 1894--DoD - XF toned looks like it has a tiny spot of solder on the rim at 12:00. Hardly noticable. Nice coin!
MD34 1894--GaS - VG
MD34a 1894--GaS - AU nice well struck, much cheaper than an Unc would cost. Has most original luster
MD34b 1894--MoM - BU Blazing fully struck, RARE as such
MD34c 1895--GaS - AXF nice coin
MD34d 1895--ZsZ - Unc Full luster very nice strike

25 Centavos:
MD34e 1870--MoC - XF This is nice, even has a gleam in and around images and field area.
MD35 1870--ZsH - G
MD35a 1871--MoM - VG
MD35b 1872/1--GoS - XF+ This has luster bleeding through the light tone. Very nice strike. 2 sruck over 1 is easily seen. Scuff mark over the "7" in the date. Super nice coin. If not for the scuff it would be AU!
MD35c 1872--PiO - AF Low mintage Potosi
MD35d 1873--GoS - VF toned just a great looking uncleaned coin
MD36 1874--A L - VF+ very high grade coin on verge of XF toned dark uncleaned scarce better date in the series!
MD36a 1874--ZsH - G+ scarce Zacatecas mint
MD36b 1875--MoB - AF
MD36c 1875--PiH - F+
MD36d 1876 GoS - VF Higher grade in this date mint is tough
MD37 1876--MoB - AF
MD38 1877--MoM - F
MD38a 1877--ZsS - XF nice surfaces, uncleaned
MD40 1878--MoM - AF
MD40a 1878--PiH - VG scarce
MD41 1879--GoS - F
MD41a 1879--HoA - F
MD42 1880--GoS - VG scarce one
MD42a 1880--GoS - AXF Tough date and really tough in higher grades
MD43 1880--ZsS - VG
MD44 1881--HoA - AG+ very low mintage
MD44a 1881--MoM - VG+
MD44b 1881--GaS Rough F
MD45 1882--GaS - G books high
MD45a 1882--HoA - VF all letters in the hatband visible. Only a partial mintage listed during this year of 8,120
MD45b 1883--MoM - VG
MD46 1884--MoM - F
MD47 1884--HoM - VG
MD48 1885--MoM - AVF
MD48a 1885--MoM - CHBU This is the best one of any date I have ever seen. Proof Like BU both sides. Fully struck, would fit in the best collection RARE THIS NICE

MD48b 1886--ChM - F++ Very low mintage
MD48c 1886--MoM - AVF
MD48d 1886--MoM - VF The two "8" in the date are doubled. Nice coin with underline glow
MD48e 1887--DoC VG very low mintage
MD49 1887--MoM - F
MD50 1888--CnM - G
MD50a 1888--GoR - VG
MD51 1888--HoG VG+
MD51a 1888--ZsZ - VG+
MD51b 1889--AsL - VF+ Nice strike too, very scarce date with mintage of just 14,200
MD51c 1889--CaM - VF+ with a mintage of just 50,112 also the field areas still kind of radiate a glow...uncleaned
MD52 1889--GoR - VG
MD52a 1889--HoG - AG
MD53 1889--MoM - AF
MD55 1890--DoC - VG+
MD55a 1980--HoG - VG low mintage and scarce
MD56 1890--PiR - F+
MD57 1890--ZsZ - VG

50 Centavos:
MD58 1870--GoS - VF oh.. this is a nice one
MD58a 1870--MoC - F+ this is a tough date, few minor marks but overall decent coin.
MD59 1871--GoS - XF has very tiny punch mark above eagle's head in field below the rim-not bad-good way to pick up a more expensive coin in this tough series
MD59a 1871--PiO - G Low mintage
MD59b 1871--PiO/G - F another scarce one
MD60 1871--ZsH - VG
MD61 1872--GoS - VG
MD62 1872--MoM - VG this coin books for $35 in Fine
MD62a 1872/1--MoM - F Tough coin
MD63 1872--ZsH - G
MD64 1873--GoS - AF
MD64a 1873--MoM - AF
MD64b 1873--ZsH - G
MD64c 1874--DoM - AG++ Durango mints are scarce
MD64d 1874--HoR - G/AG
MD65 1874--MoB - F+ this coin has a lot of detail, minor mark down close to rim below wreath on Eagle side.
MD65a 1874--ZsH - G
MD66 1875--AsL - G
MD66a 1875--CnP - G
MD67 1875--GoS - AF
MD67a 1875--HoR - VG
MD68 1875--PiH - F
MD69 1875--ZsA - VG
MD70 1876--AsL - VG+
MD70a 1876--DoM - G+ scarce
MD71 1876--HoF - AF better one
MD72 1876--ZsA - G
MD72a 1877--CnG - VF
MD72b 1877/6--CnG - VG easily seen overdate
MD73 1877--GoS - VF Toned
MD73a 1877--HoF - AVF this one has a higher book value in all circulated grades through Uncirculated
MD73b 1877--ZsS - XF Bold very nice high grade with hints of luster in the field areas
MD74 1878--CnG - F+ very scarce
MD75 1878--GoS - AVF
MD76 1878--ZsS - VG
MD77 1878/7--ZsS - F+
MD77a 1879--CnD - F+ Dig or scrape at 2:00 balance scales side(reverse)
MD78 1879--ZsS - G
MD79 1880--AsL - VG
MD80 1880--CnD - G
MD80 1880--CnD - VF

MD81 1880--GoS - F
MD82 1880--HoA - VG
MD83 1880--PiH - G
MD84 1880--ZsS - G+
MD85 1881--CnD - VG
MD86 1881--GoS - VG with mintage of 32,000-sorry can not file this with common dates like book shows -seldom see this date and mint around either!
MD87 1881--ZsS - VG+
MD88 1882--GoS - AF another undervalued one
MD88a 1882--PiH - VG
MD88b 1883--ChM - F
MD89 1883--PiH - VG the "P" in the mint mark is weak not struck up high-but still scarce Potosi
MD89a 1883--Zs/ZaS F scarce Zs/a variety
MD89b 1884--ChaM - F scarce especially in this condition
MD90 1884--DoC - VG for this Durango mint I do not see them either
MD91 1884--GoB/S - G
MD91a 1885--AsL/Ho - F mintage of only 20,538!
MD92 1884--PiH - G possibly worth more
MD92a 1885--DoB - F/AG
MD93 1885--GoR - VG+
MD93a 1885--MoM - VF couple slight edge nicks, this is one tough date with the Mexico City mint mark. Partial mintage listed of 12,000
MD93b 1885/0-PiH VF scarce overdate
MD94 1886--ChaM - VG need one of these? mintage of 18,161 -oh Chihuahua
MD94a 1886--GoR VG couple surface dents, not bad
MD94b 1886--MoM - AVF
MD95 1886--PiR - G
MD95a 1887--CaM - F
MD96 1887--CnM - F another scarce little fella in this higher? grade
MD96a 1887--DoC Do/Mo F+ mintage 28,133 nice looking scarce coin
MD97 1887--MoM - F+
remember higher grade low mintage?
MD98 1887--PiR - F fantastic grade for a coin with mintage of 32,400
MD99 1887--ZsZ - F+ with a book price of $60 in VF this price not bad for just a shade under-oh, mintage 63,000
MD99a 1892--CnM - VF+ very low mintage of just 8,200
MD100 1894--HoG - AF will finish here with a mintage of 59,200

MD101 1870--OaE(small A) some luster-VF++ MD102 1870--PiO/G nice upper grade, very detailed-- Abt.XF
MD103 1871--GaC Lower grade better date--G+
MD104 1872--ChM -VF
MD105 1872--DoP higher grade, couple edge dings-VF
MD106 1872--DoPT yes..I have the rare version of this peso. Very tough item to get and this one is a higher grade. Decent VF toned

MD107 1872--OaE(small A) super nice strike VF+
MD108 1873--OaE decent F+
MD109 1873--ChM AF
MD110 1873--PiH dirty tone AVF

NOTE: I have been shoveling these 50 centavos back for years-kind of an interesting series. Many varieties and always have to put up with badly struck coins in this period. Mexico was going through some very bad times, many poor people around so these coins tend to be found in low grades,when a fine or better is found you really have a nice coin. In very fine and up your pockets would have to be deep because what few remain in ultra high grades when found will cost DEARLY!
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